Most Promising Actors Of The Year – 2013 Edition

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1. Matt Oxley (Australia)

Matt Oxley

Acting has been Matt’s life-long passion. He studied Screen acting for two years at NIDA and another two years at Screenwise – he has been a professional actor now for the past 10 years. He has been a patron as well as a festival judge for the Arts North Film Festival for the past two years; he is privileged to hold this role because this position allows him to encourage the young film makers of tomorrow. He was also cast in the inaugural performance of the National Youth Theatre Company and the Australian stadium production of Ben Hur which was very rewarding and inspiring for Matt due to the entrepreneurial nature and scale of both productions. To date he has landed numerous TVCs and he has also played a number of roles in various short films and TV pilots.

2. Ronn Kurtz (Australia)


Ronn has always wanted to be an actor since he was a little kid and he has been on stage since the age of 3 when he performed in his first ever musical. Since then his passion and love for the arts, stage, TV and film has actually quadrupled! He has done a number of short films using his versatility both as a comedic and dramatic performer/artist as well as many TV commercials which he has enjoyed immensely. He is also a voice artist, dancer and he can sing to any tune as well. He went to Hollywood just recently and worked with a group of famous actors, returning to do a short term at NIDA with Disney Productions. His favourite theatrical performance to date would have to be when he was chosen as the lead support in GREASE and then he was nominated for a Lyrebird Award. Since then he has been a presenter for many videos as well as corporate functions.

3. Diab Metry (Australia)


Diab is a no holds barred actor – he often chases the roles no-one else wants or are afraid to take on because he loves a challenge. This attitude has seen him work with some prolific Australian talents as well as take on roles challenging beyond his years. He has appeared in a number of TV shows and short films such as the TV pilot “Lovedotcom” as well as “Model Madness” by Cardia films. His positive outlook as well as unique yet versatile appearance are testament to the fact that if you chase your dream and remain true to yourself then your talent will eventually shine through.

4. Simon Arblaster (Australia)


Simon Arblaster was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand – about two years ago he moved to Perth, Australia. He’s very sports orientated and he has been playing rugby league for most of his life. Early this year he took an acting class workshop and instantly knew acting was his passion, this is what he wants to do for the rest of his life! Since then he has been lucky enough to be a main character in two WA feature films as well as other short films. If you were to sum him up in 5 words it would be funny, loyal, humble, real and honest.

5. Frank Fazio (Australia)


Frank Fazio is one of Australia’s finest up and coming young actors. Hailing from Perth, the city of emerging talent, Frank is not shy of his talents or charisma. He was nominated for ´Best Actor´ at the Western Australian Screen Awards for his lead role in the historic drama called Restare Uniti (We Stick Together). The film gained international recognition at film festivals around the world receiving awards, accolades and nominations, as well as a highly successful limited cinema release throughout Australia. On behalf of the team, Frank accepted the award for Best Short Film at The Ridgewood Film Festival in New Jersey, USA. Restare Uniti was also chosen for Official Selection at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival ‘Short Film Corner’.​ After completing his Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Performance Theatre at Curtin University in Perth, Frank made his move to Melbourne to continue pursuing his acting career. He was most recently featured in the national Smiling Mind TV commercial, currently airing on television and in cinemas. Frank also played the role of John in a recent short film called ‘John Carpenter’. More than just an actor, he also has several projects in development that he is helping to raise money for as a producer and part owner of a production company called Tino Films. He has dedicated his life to the passion of story telling and is set to leave his mark with his natural talent and cheeky smile.

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  1. Frank Fazio auditioned for a role in my feature film “Before Dawn” and brought a level of professionalism and intensity to the audition that really made me take notice. I think he has a huge future ahead of him and will be somebody to watch as a rising star and on top of it he is a great down to earth guy who I hope wins this competition.

  2. I was fortunate enough to have met Diab on set and had never worked with an actor who brought professionalism and fun to the set as seemlessly as he does. After that very first experience I turned to Diab not only for auditions and to offer parts but as a soundboard., helping me improve myself as a writer and director. He’s range is amazing and his ability to encompass any character makes him one of the best talents I have worked with! Good luck Diab!!!!!!

  3. I wanted to say good luck guys! It’s such a privilege to be nominated with a group of people which have the talent you all share (I watched some of your footage) and irregardless of who wins, we have all done a great job!

  4. Have worked with Diab a number of times in the past. Never have I met an actor, so professional, kind and such a joy to be around. He definitely brought an energy to the set which made the long nights much easier and cannot wait to work together again! Good luck Diab!

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