Most Promising Actors Of The Month – June 2014 Edition

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1. Josh Miller (Australia)

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Josh had always wanted to become an actor even at a tender age. For him, acting is not just about the money, it’s about being adventurous, having a passion for the art of acting and meeting a lot of new people along the way. At just 14 years old her started training as a professional wrestler and for years he entertained the fans and the crowd. He then went to the State Emergency Service Rescue for a few years and had only recently packed up his boots. He has completed training through Actors Ink, Mighty Good Talent School and Angela Heesom in Adelaide, Australia and he eventually landed some lead roles in various short films such as “Mettle Face” as well as appearances in various TVC’s. He is currently taking on a lead role in an upcoming Short Film called “New Years Road Trip”.

2. Mitch Christen (Australia)


Mitch Christen is a 22 year old Actor who hails from Wollongong, New South Wales. He caught the acting bug at age 21 when he decided to pursue a childhood goal of becoming a Professional Actor. He started as a Background Actor in a variety of productions but soon moved into featured roles. Despite being in the Acting industry for only a little over 12 months, Mitch has already been involved in over 50 projects and has been seen in 7 countries throughout the Asia and Oceania regions. His most notable projects include Australia’s Next Top Model, Haunting: Australia and The Coin, he has also been featured in commercials for the GetUp! Organization, PayPal and the National Rugby League. He will be seen in a number of upcoming films in 2014 with the most notable being a film titled “1010” in which he plays a Police Constable who solves a vicious murder. Mitch always seeks out new challenges professionally and hopes to continue to have success in the film industry.

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3. David Beamish (Australia)


Growing up performing with his brother, sister and cousins in their living room in New Zealand, Dave and his family moved to Brisbane in 1998 where he lived a balanced life of music, performance and sport. After being urged by doctors not to play Australian football anymore at age 20 due to injury complications, he turned his complete attention to music, teaching himself and becoming a lead singer and rhythm guitarist of two Brisbane-based rock bands (now disbanded). After completing an architectural bachelor’s degree with honours, he loved taking on small acting roles including playing a Brisbane Lions footballer in a Queensland Health Mental Illness campaign advertisement. Committing to the craft in May 2013, he gathered many roles in short & student films and the lead as King Richard the Lionheart in the small budget feature film “The Sultan and the King”. Within 6 months of following his dream, he secured a key supporting role alongside Tara Reid, Nathan Jones, Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder and Dean Kirkwright in the horror movie franchise “Charlie’s Farm” directed by Chris Sun (June 2015 release). Currently, David is preparing to shoot as the male lead in up-and-coming Brisbane band’s new music video “Feel”, and is in pre-production for a supporting role in comedy feature film “Cursed”.


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  1. Josh is so passionate at what he does. He loves the hard work, commits to it 100% each & every time. He lives & breathes being an Actor. Taking on leading roles from TVC’s, to Short Films, to Music Video’s, he strives to take a leap of faith and does his best, in every way possible.

  2. Mitch Christen has been a very keen participant in all the acting roles he has pursued, and distance, however great, has never been a deterrent. Mitch always gives one hundred per cent to all his endeavours. I admire his enthusiasm and tenacity.

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