Most Promising Actors Of The Month – April 2015 Edition

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1. Callan Wright (Australia)


Callan Wright is an Australian born actor and he has been involved in screen acting for film and TV for the past 3 years. Before he was studying acting he was working as a fitness and fashion model for Crew Models International and registered as an athlete for the International Sport Karate Association. He is currently studying to become a registered and certified personal trainer with the Australian Fitness Network and his goal is to push his mind and body to the utmost limits and combine his physical talents with his natural abilities as an actor to become the next breakout star. He accepts the fact that he may never become a star or he may fail in pursuit of following his dream but he can never see himself settling for anything less than being an actor because he knows with all his heart that this is the life he was born to live. So far he has successfully landed roles on various short films (Monument, Ice, Vessel, The Diary of Xanatos and  Road to Nowhere) as well as music videos (No More Talking).

2. Xander Speight (Australia)

Xander Speight - Headshot 1

Image via David Zaugh Photography

Xander Speight is an ambitious 18-year-old actor who hails from Melbourne, Australia. As a child he use to watch movies and be fascinated with the actors in them, this fascination grew into a drive to become one of the greats. With 10 years of training under his belt Xander has had a supporting role on the ABC/BBC TV series “The Worst Year of My Life.. Again,” guest roles on Neighbours and a supporting role in the upcoming indie feature, “Frankie.” Xander just recently travelled to Los Angeles to take part in an acting program “Hollywood Immersive.” This program gave him the motivation he needed to cold call 90 managers on his own. He has now found representation with a prestigious manager in the US and plans to relocate there later in the year.

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3. Bray Pavey (Australia)


Born March 19, 1993 in Queensland, Australia. Brayden is one of three brothers to John and Dallis who raised their kids around the world due to their careers in aviation. He has lived in Singapore, Korea, Japan, and Australia. He eventually joined a talent agency in 2012 on the Gold Coast and so far he has worked on films such as TerraNova, Mako: Island of Secrets, Unbroken, Sekkai Goyten as well as an array of short films. A third year university student at Griffith University, Brayden is currently studying Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Public Relations and Screen Production. He uses all of his spare time studying, acting, playing sport and learning the production side of the film industry. In 2014 Brayden directed his second short film entitled ‘The Medal’ where he also played the lead and received a high distinction from University. In the future, Brayden plans to move to Sydney after graduating university and continue to work on various films as well as write and create his own films and projects along the way.

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