Most Fascinating Female Actresses Of The Month – April 2013 Edition

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1. Saara Lamberg (Australia)


Saara Lamberg is of Finnish origin. She is a multilingual, singer, yoga teacher and director as well as an actor – she has a BA (HONS) in acting. The Australian government actually granted her a ‘Distinguished talent’ permanent visa in 2012. She has won an award as best actress in an international film festival in Media Studio in Lithuania. She was introduced to the Australian audience via her role as ‘Sabrina’ in Underbelly Files: Tell Them Lucifer Was Here” and she also played the Heroine in “Patient 0, world first live action zombie survival game”. She has actually starred in close to a hundred indie short films and features.

2. Sheridan Morris-Flynn (Australia)


Sheridan Morris-Flynn is an Australian actress studying on full scholarship at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Hollywood. She has been studying there for almost two years now but she is represented in Australia and she has worked on popular shows such as ‘Neighbours’, and ‘as the bell rings’, as well as feature films such as ‘the cup’. Along with that, she has also done many short films and theatre and has also appeared in commercials for AAMI Car Insurance, MJB Homes, Procal Technologies and Sovereign Hill. While living in America she’s had the opportunity to study alongside award winning actors, Oscar, Emmy and Screen Actors Guild winning teachers. She has also worked on several short films, feature films and commercials in the US.

3. Sarah Keating (England)


Sarah is a fun, creative and goal driven actress who hails from Liverpool, England. Hailing from a normal working class background, she considers her proudest moment as having the courage to leave her full time job to pursue acting as a full time career. Since then she has studied the approaches of various American practitioners in both New York and Los Angeles allowing her to develop her own technique. Back in England she has gained feature film, television and theatre credits, she has appeared in various short films, did some voice-over work and 3D filming did some presenting and even appeared in a mini YouTube series. After recently returning to LA to perform a self-written monologue at a showcase, she managed to gain interest from several top Hollywood industry professionals. With feature film opportunities already arising for 2013 and 2014, she is grateful to wake up every day knowing that she is on an amazing journey.

4. Amelia Gattelari (Australia)


Amelia’s asset is the experience she has had with great mentors in the entertainment industry for an upcoming actress of only 17. Amelia’s passion took off in 2010 and immediately she launched herself into action and obtained some lead roles with the International Film School. She has a portfolio with SEEN Models and studied the American accent and was asked to use that skill in ABC’s, First Tuesday Book club and Diabolic Pictures, Bedlam. Other opportunities she has had to use her skills are in, a national commercial for Telstra and of course the experience of doing voice over and playing extras for IFSS and Sydney Film School. Amelia has gained a supporting lead role in a current feature film in preproduction. Her formal training began at NIDA where she was also introduced to the understanding of the Hollywood dream with Pro Act Hollywood. In 2012 Amelia was then offered a placement and flew to LA to boot camp with Stella Adler. Her further studies include the challenging Master classes of Larry Moss, Tom McSweeney and Bill Hughes which have been invaluable, audition workshops with Christine King and her continual coaching with Lynette Sheldon has increased her passion to say “the knowledge of the craft adds depth to my skills that I hope to become a great actress”. Amelia’s blend of skills had led her to be accepted at The Actors College of Theatre & Television and she looks forward to being able to bring out the best of any character for directors.

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  1. In this last voting week, I want to say thank you to all my family, friends and colleagues in the US, Italy, Belgium, China and Australia and anyone else, who have taken time to continually vote for me…. thank you so much Amelia-Rose Gattellari

  2. No one is more deserving of this recognition than Sheridan. I have seen her work and worked with her. The choice is clear to me. Each vote is an honest validation of this.

  3. Sheridan is so talented and she deserves the recognition from this magazine spread! A bright and amazing future ahead for this one.


  4. Sheridan is one of the most talented, beautiful actress out there. She is young, beautiful, well spoken, out going & a caring girl. Regardless of who wins in this contest, I personally think that Sheridan should win. She has worked very hard in the industry to achieve what she has.. Including leaving her family, mum, dad & her eight brothers & sisters to do what she absolutely loves & what she is passionate about. She has rarely visited her family during the two years Sheridan has been in America. Imagine how difficult that would be. Leaving something you love for two years, knowing you are half way across the world from them. Sheridan has always been a talented & smart girl. Acting is her life, I think we should all let her do what she does best. She is amazingly gifted. Vote for Sheridan! Thank you.

  5. Sheridan won a scholarship to L.A in America in 2011. She went alone, leaving her family behind; it would of been a tough thing to do. She has a big heart & a passion for acting. Sheridan began acting when she was little, & she has done a hell lot of work to be where she is now.

    I’m asking anyone who reads this, as a favour, it takes literally one minute or less, to vote for my sister. Every vote counts! It’s a minute out of your day, helping someone else out.

    You can vote every 24 hours. Please help out Sheridan.

  6. Voting for Amelia Gattellari because she just oozes talent. Not only does she have an incredible timeless beauty but she is very passionate about acting and I have no doubt she will be one to watch in no time! Congratulations Amelia!!

  7. I definitely think Amelia deserves this regardless. She is incredible for her age and she can only get better. Good luck to her. Amazing!

  8. Word is spreading, thank you to all who are voting for Amelia keep telling your friends. ..Amelia has a great social network behind her…so thank you. …..xx MummaG.

  9. My vote goes to AMELIA. An absolute stunner and passionate actress. Such a genuine girl and she deserves to win this!

  10. I go by the eyes as the windows of the sould, Saara has the most soul power in my book.

  11. AMELIA.

    Have always seen her putting more than 100% of herself into everything including extra-curricular activities an continuously being genuine to those she interacts with, natural beauty and holds herself together very, very well.

  12. Amelia is the best actor ive ever witnessed
    Hands down she deserves to win this !
    And shes fascinating.

  13. Seen Amelia’s work very impressed as she displays the real technique of acting and will be a great up coming artist in the future.

  14. I love Maree’s comments and agree – what a tight hard decision – Overall diversity in character and look is a great asset to have as an actor for that the most fascinating for me is Amelia Gattellari.

  15. This might be the most exciting voting poll I’ve seen for a long time…..such talent amongst all the actors…though I’m voting for Amelia she has that classic look like Kate Winslet but is young enough to play a diverse number of roles both young and older…..Go Amelia

  16. I have every faith in you Amelia you have a great career in acting ahead of you. You go girl!

  17. Sheridan Morris-Flynn is perfection.
    Her acting skill and knowledge is like no other.
    She’s the most determined, loyal, dedicated and inspiring actress,
    I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.
    Her personality and her looks go hand in hand when it comes to her beauty.
    Congratulations Sheridan, your the most fascinating woman and actress I know.
    You deserve this award, and I look forward to seeing you rise to fame. 😉

  18. I vote for Amelia Gattelari, she is a natural beauty, and has been brought up with great morals and family values,

  19. Sheridan Morris-Flynn is the most passionate and intelligent actress I have met in a long time. Her work is consistently solid, such a joy to see a young actress bring such depth and insight into her work. She is mature young actress and I can only inagine her work and career will continue to grow and amaze. Big things to come from Sheridan. Look out Hollywood.

  20. I am voting for Amelia because she is talented and sensitive and has the beauty, talent and depth to become a wonderful , luminous Actress and possibly even a star! For one so young she has a deep understanding of human nature and she is highly ambitious and her work ‘shines’ in certain roles. I predict a great future for Amelia

  21. I am Sheridan,s P M in Australia !! I can’t think of a more dedicated and deserving person to win this award . Luck in your up coming play


    I VOTE FOR AMELIA GATTELARI, why isn’t her name in the vote for list – her photo is there and what she says is more fascinating and so is her headshot than the other 3 – I vote for Amelia Gattelari., kind regards,
    LYNETTE SHELDON – International Acting TEACHER / COACH of International Award Winning Actors…

  23. I directed Sheridan on an upcoming feature, and it was one of my best directing experiences.
    Not only was she fun and easy to work with on set, she bought new, imaginative ideas to set everyday and added layer upon layer to her character. An absolute pleasure to work with. It’s one thing to have a talented actor on set, but when you start learning from them, and they make your work easier.. It’s amazing. A very bright future for her

  24. I am so happy to see Sheridan nominated for this! She is an incredible talent! I seen some of her performances in the past and she was outstanding! She is a powerful performer, I’ve no doubt this is just the beginning.

    Vote sheridan!

  25. I to have had the pleasure in Directing Sarah in our up and coming feature film Following The Wicca Man which is being entered into festivals this year. I look forward to working with her again!

  26. after witnessing saara lamberg’s acting first hand there is no other. To have the skill to adjust to a unpredictable situation managing to drive the story onwards the way she could shows true talent.

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