Up and coming female actresses Of The Month – June 2013 Edition

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1. Foster Buckman (Australia)


Foster Buckman is an enthusiastic, passionate and positive person who prides herself on her dedication. Foster is a Australian Actress who hails from Brisbane, she has worked on many different short films and feature films including lead roles and featured roles. Currently she is studying in a one year fulltime acting scholarship for acting in film and TV. According to Foster, ever since she was a child it has always been her dream to pursue a career in acting and she believes she is doing her best to make this come true and be the best she can be at her craft. She also runs her own business where she gets to help people in their lives because one of her many passions is to help people become better.

2. Zaydah-lee (Australia)


Zaydah-lee was born in Port Hedland and she has the true ‘Sandgroper’ fighting spirit. As a child she won many awards for Theatre and Dance so locally she had a reputation as an upcoming entertainer. Her family eventually ended up moving from the Eastern States to Perth, Western Australia and that’s where she ended up signing with Spiers and Gemma International. After completing a calendar and winning various photography competitions, she realized that her direction was steering more into the art of filmmaking. It was not long before a college Diploma was awarded to her for Screenplay writing and after successfully completing short and feature film productions both local and interstate, she is now working her way to becoming a film director.

3. Marisa Lamonica (Australia)


Marisa Lamonica is a vibrant and charismatic Italian-Australian Actress/Presenter/Model. Her enthusiasm, professionalism, desire to entertain others and down-to-earth personality has made her a popular favourite to work with. She has demonstrated her talent for diversity by working across a variety of fields. She was the co-host of the Foxtel Show “Chatterbox” in September last year and most recently she appeared in the US Crime show ‘Behind Mansion Walls’, the hit TV show ‘Top Gear Australia’ as well as the popular MTV Show ‘My Super Sweet World Class’ which is shown in over 100 countries worldwide. She was one of the main faces of Charles Sturt University and she has also made a guest appearance on the U.S TV show ‘Deadly women’ where she played Kristin Palmieri. She has just returned from a trip to Los Angeles where she studied with eminent casting directors and teachers such as Paul Weber, Patrick Baca and Anthony Meindel.

4. Kya Stewart (Australia)

Kya Stewart_024

Kya is currently 25 years old and she has been acting since she was 7 years old. She was originally a member of the 2007 State Drama Ensemble and she actually received a High Achievers mention with a Band six in her Higher School Certificate for Drama. So far she has completed several courses including The monologue MasterClass with Kate Gaul, The Mesiner Technique Acting course and The Screen Acting Camera course to name a few. She has a strong, natural acting talent and ability that is distinctive and impressionable. It is only within the last four months that she has truly chosen to throw herself whole-heartedly into the career path of her dreams and to pursue a successful acting career. Her most recent project is a music video that she worked on for Austin Har – she was the lead love interest in “She’s my cute girl” and she has also just recently landed the lead role in two more up and coming music videos.

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  1. Foster – what can I say? A gorgeous young woman with a heart for people.Very beautiful inside and out 🙂 Go Foster!!

  2. Go go go foster were very proud of you…let’s support our very own filipino-australian young and beautiful actress…

  3. Happy Birthday Zaydah-lee 🙂 All the best! I’m sure everyone nominated here is talented and that’s why when you win it’ll be even more amazing 🙂 We’ll keep the votes coming along!

  4. My favorite quote has always been; ‘The past is but the beginning of a beginning’ All combined my work has brought me here to date. Thank~you so much to everyone who has offered their support & encouragement Zx.

  5. I Go for Foster Buckman! She is a very nice and positive person! Go Go Go!! Im so proud of you 🙂

  6. I am so happy and grateful to have the opportunity to be in this competition, I am so passionate about acting and that shows in my determination! Thank you so much! Please vote for Foster Buckman ! 🙂 xx

  7. I vote for Foster Buckman….

    She Is amazing talented actress.Full of courage ….

  8. So honoured to be nominated and the recognition for my career to date, extreamely appreciated! I’ve worked tirelessly in my aim. My passion is Acting with the goal of Directing someday soon. With a feature over at Cannes keen to keep my career elevated ..I’ve been blessed to have had some amazing people and opportunities come my way. A chance to see this continue and be realised now in your hands ~ Please Vote Now! Zaydah-lee x.

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