Most Promising Actresses Of The Month – March 2014 Edition

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1. Chelsea Boreham (Australia)

StarNow photo for Chelsea Boreham

Chelsea is an up and coming Australian actress. Chelsea’s love for acting started back in 2008 when she attended her local theatre group for 3 years. She eventually branched into film acting and up to now she continues to grow and mature as a young actress. Winning the Best Actor Award for her first ever short film at the age of 11, she has continued her passion for acting featuring in many short films such as “People You May Know”, “La Vie, L’Amour, Le Mort”, “Penelope”, “Behind the Fire” and “Dimensions” as well as various television commercials, music videos and game shows. Chelsea Boreham is currently the youngest cast member of the upcoming Australian Independent Feature Film “ECTO”. She will be playing the youngest Lane sister called Brooke – a 15 year old heiress to the Lane Mining fortune. Filming will commence this coming June.

2. Madeleine Kennedy (Australia)

Madeleine Kennedy

After graduating her drama degree at QUT in 2010 with Distinction, Madeleine Kennedy immediately walked onto Roland Joffe’s set for his epic feature “Singularity” starring Josh Hartnett. She has made appearances on feature films such as “True Face” (Berlin Film Festival 2014), “Arch” (directed by Mark Piper) and “World War Future”. She has appeared in a number of television shows such as “Deadly Women”, “Shifters”, “Slide”, and “Camp”. She has also starred in numerous short films such as “Fractured” (Cannes Entry 2014) and “Damaged”, which she also wrote and produced. “Damaged” actually won “Best Short” in its category at the 2012 Bare Bones International Film Festival. In 2013, after establishing strong connections within the industry, she was asked to produce and star in Australian icon Pete Murray’s music video alongside him and Matrix Revolution star Anthony Brandon Wong. The clip is set to be released internationally by Sony in mid-2014. Madeleine was recently accepted into Ivana Chubbuck’s Australian Master Class this year, she has published her first novel and she was also cast as a supporting lead in the four-film franchise “Charlie’s Farm” by Chris Sun starring Tara Reid, Nathan Jones, Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder.

3. Cristina Ventresca (Australia)

Cristina Ventresc

Cristina Ventresca hails from Concord, Sydney. She has studied at the Sydney Theatre School, Screen wise, she has completed a Nida short course, and she has just recently studied at SAGG. Whilst at the McDonald College of performing arts, she was asked to represent the school in China performing at the annual arts festival in Tianjin. Having lived overseas in 2009 through to 2010 in Milan, Italy, she has performed to sell out audiences in an English black-comedy called “Full Moon” at the renowned ‘Teatro Zelig’. Since being back in Australia, she played the part of a ‘party girl’ in the feature film “Not Suitable for Children” starring Ryan Kwantan. She has also appeared in a Samsung Ad, She was recently involved with a comedy sketch show called “Off their rockers” which aired on Foxtel last year, she has played a role in “Deadly Women” which is due to air this year on Foxtel, she played the main role of Ellie in the short film “Bonding Woes” by Martin Grman and most recently she played ‘Chloe Adams’ in the SilverRain Entertainment web series “The Gauntlet”. The series of 10 episodes can be found on YouTube. She is currently with Benchmark Creative Management. For the past year she has been involved in an acting group and they have recently just finished filming their own short film that they co-wrote. Right now she’s in her 3rd year at UNSW studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Theatre and Performance studies.

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  1. Re Chelsea Boreham
    Virginia Lawton Says I am the Writer/Producer/Casting Director of Virginia Lawton Children’s Show an international Television Series that will simultaneously entertain while teach children how to self protect from abuse & abduction , Trailer The intention of the trailer is to provide demonstration of Virginia’s ability as host & Producer to relate to children in a children’s show manner . it is not to give away all the full actual scenes or the uniqueness of how this show will entertain & educate Children simultaneously how to avoid Child Abuse & Abduction . Chelsea Boreham has auditioned and is selected as a cast member of this series. She takes direction well and has the talent to be part of this unique children’s show . She is a true professional & has extreme popularity in the performing arts field . I encourage you to vote for her in this professional competition . God Bless You all

  2. I have worked with Chelsea Boreham in a few productions now and I was shocked to find out she was only 14. She displays so much talent and professionalism on every shoot that far exceeds her years.
    She is a wonderful young woman who will go far.
    I wish her every success in this most promising actress of the month.
    She has my vote and hopefully yours as well.

  3. Hi,

    My name is Ralph ‘Nogues’ Noga

    Writer, Producer and Director of ECTO.

    An independent action feature film that commences production in Brisbane QLD on the 7.7.14.

    One of the most important characters in ECTO is Brooke Lane a 15 year old heiress to the Lane Mining fortune.

    Brooke’s character was developed in ECTO to provide a broad range of issues young Aussie teenagers face regardless of their socioeconomic status.

    Originally I wanted to cast an 18 year old to play the 15 year old character.

    However a young 14 year old girl approached me to be involved in some capacity in my film through Facebook.

    After brushing her off initially; her persistence and professionalism surprised me.

    I met Chelsea’s mother Sue first a couple of weeks ago to find out more information about Chelsea before I proceeded to meet both Sue and Chelsea last Sunday.

    I officially offered the role of Brooke Lane to Chelsea last week.

    It came down to this.

    Chelsea is not a fantastic actress at the moment.

    However her work ethic, enthusiasm for the medium of film and core values are why I think in the next 10 years she will be an actress in demand.

    I offered her the role of Brooke Lane at the age of 14.

    The start of feature film work but I think her performance will blow people away.

    I hope she does well in the Most Promising Actresses Of The Month – March 2014 Edition.

    However I won’t be sharing the link to help support her because in my mind she is one of the Most Promising Actresses of 2014

    Thank you

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