Most Promising Actresses Of The Month – April 2014 Edition

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1. Aleisha Groth (Australia)


Aleisha Rose Groth was born on September 11, 1988 in Brisbane, Australia. She spent most of her life training as a ballet dancer and musical theatre performer. In 2007 she became a dancer with the Walt Disney Company at Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. Four years later she became involved in acting and was accepted in NIDA, Australia’s premiere acting school. From there she landed her first television role as a host on channel 7’s ‘Lab Rats Challenge’. She continued her acting training with On-Camera connections before joining the Fox Film Co. production of ‘The Wolverine’ in 2012. She was also offered the lead role of ‘Tina’ in the series ‘Toybox’ for Network Seven. Aleisha travelled to Los Angeles mid last year to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

2. Emma Baldwin (Australia)

Emma Baldwin-227

Fully trained in theatre and film acting, her passion is for the big screen. Having lived parts of her life in London and Bali, Emma brings great diversity and perspective to her roles. Besides being a competent singer and dancer and trained in fight choreography, she also has a large background in Equestrian riding and animal training. She was offered a scholarship to New York to study with the NYFA film academy and she is currently in the process of making the move to Hollywood. So far she has appeared in a number of productions both on screen and the on stage, the most recent Feature Film being “RISE” alongside Martin Sacks.

3. Carli Noble (Australia)


Carli is a passionate actress who is dedicated to her craft. She began acting as a teenager when she was cast in a locally shot independent feature film with a speaking role. She has since then appeared in a number of short films, another feature film as well as a web series. She has recently finished filming for a short film in a lead role and has been cast in a co-lead role for a stage show during the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2014. Carli has trained at Screen Actors in Victoria, Actors Ink in South Australia and she has received private coaching from The Acting Centre in LA. She has also attended a number of casting workshops. Some of the other skills Carli possesses include horse riding, archery, martial arts and boxing training, dance training and marksmanship. She has also just been cast in a lead role for the upcoming web series ‘The TomeKeepers’, which will be filmed in South Australia.

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