Most Promising Actresses Of The Month – February 2015 Edition

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1. Vanessa de Largie (Australia)


Vanessa de Largie has worked on 9 feature films and over 50 short films, trailers and documentaries. She has received the ‘Best Female Actor Award’ twice at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival for her work in a feature film and short film. She also starred in a vampire film called ‘Nocturne Night of The Vampire’ which was distributed by TROMA worldwide. In 2009, she was accepted to train with film director Mike Nichols (The Graduate) in New York. Vanessa recently starred in a video for Nutrition Australia and has a role in the upcoming feature film Sizzler 77.

2. Rachel Dunn (Australia)

Rachel Dunn 2

Rachel is 22 years old and she’s not afraid of taking chances. She has been a training actor since the age of thirteen having taken multiple acting classes and performing in various theatre showcases throughout her high school years. The years to follow have seen her take the incredibly passionate path of chasing my dreams with the assistance of many talented industry professionals in both Australia and the US. In 2012 She was gratefully chosen to be one of twelve Australian actors to take part in the hugely successful Hollywood Immersive Program in Los Angeles founded by casting agent Lilly Dawson, where they worked with industry professionals in all facets of the entertainment business and performing for screen. This opportunity opened her eyes to the endless possibilities and reminded her of how important it is to chase your dreams no matter how far out of reach they may seem. From this, she continued to hone on her craft, taking short courses at NIDA and Screenwise as well as get involved in various independent films, short films, television commercials and student projects. So far she has successfully landed roles on various feature films (Drown, Careless Love) as well as multiple short films (The Last Exposure, MP3 Experiment USYD, Angel or Evil, The Auction and Second Face).

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3. Sarah Psihogios (Australia)


Sarah Psihogios is a director, screenwriter and actress. She initialy fell in love with acting when she studied drama in High School. She has been putting her name out there with directing, screenwriting and especially acting. She is willing to go the distance to push her boundaries and her limits for something I love. So far she has successfully landed roles on TV (Neighbours, The Katering Show), multiple short films (Beautiful People, Rubbish Bin Wars, Nostalgia, Panopticon) and feature films (Experience the Knowing, Chloe Lives!).

4. Emily Bagg (Australia)

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Emily Bagg is an 18 year old professional actress who starred in ‘Sam Fox Extreme Adventures’ on channel 11 in Australia and she’s also had numerous roles in various commercials and short films. She’s an experienced model having worked for harris scarf, easy way bubble tea and uniform management services. She’s currently involved in a short film.

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  1. Vanessa found me, very recently by chance, when I was going through the worst existential crisis of my life. She saved my life, and my artistic and emotional output. If not for her I would have given up on everything. Her simple advice ‘you’re too talented to die young. You have so much left to say” helped more than anyone has ever helped me.

  2. I’ve directed Vanessa in a film and a video. She’s brave, beautiful and such a fun girl to have on set. Go V!

  3. Well Emily Bagg gets my vote no hesitation, she is amazing and has spent years getting the talent that she has. One day she will do amazing things no doubt about it. Even Personality wise she is loving and kind and accepts people for who they are. i believe Emily deserves this just as much as all the other young actresses.

  4. With no disrespect to the other actresses, Vanessa’s talent, presence and body of work should have been recognised long ago. She gets my vote without a second thought.

  5. Vanessa has worke hard at her craft and is prepared to go the extra yard to get the best out of herself. She has my vote.

  6. Vanessa has a wonderful quality to her acting. Her performances are beautifully nuanced and she’s mesmerizing in her delivery and compelling in her characterization. Be it naturalistic or stylized acting she copes very well with challenging roles.

  7. Vanessa gets my vote.Vanessa has the range and lens appeal needed.writes in a style that reflects a well of lifes experiences needed to succeed with a courageous director.

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