Most Promising Actresses Of The Month – May 2015 Edition

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1. Taryn (US)


Taryn is an Australian award winning actress (AAMMA 2011) and has trained at Atlantic Acting School in New York. She won ‘Best Supporting Actress’ for her role in feature film Gossip Nation (2009) at the Afro Australian Music & Movie Awards. She made her US debut on Discovery Channel’s Deadly Women, and performed alongside Ryan Kwanten in Not Suitable for Children (2012). Taryn’s theatre credits include Griffin Theatre Company production of Reference to Salvador Dali, where she starred alongside Helpmann Award Winner iOTA. Her Australian training includes Australian Academy of Dramatic Art, PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, Griffin Theatre Company and Screenwise Film & TV School.

2. Pari Parandoush (Australia)

Pari Parandoush #1

Pari Parandoush, born in Queensland and raised in Sydney, from the very beginning found passion, intrigue and adventure in acting which led to the enrolment in various well known institutes from the age of 13, including NIDA and ATYP. Although, it wasn’t only through education which developed Pari’s acting capabilities, some of which through life experiences and development in other fields, including gymnastics, dance (Ballet, Classical Jazz, Jazz Funk), Martial Arts (Yi Quan Kung Fu, Boxing) and writing (scripts, short stories, lyrics). Due to unwelcomed circumstances such as being hospitalized, she resumed acting in 2014 and within 6 months, due to her commitment and versatility, led to a series of jobs across many genres and forms of acting media, such as an undisclosed TV pilot trailer, lead role in thriller short film Paranoia, lead role in upcoming comedy drama web series How to Make Friends and Kill People, supporting role in upcoming drama feature film A Recurrence, minor role in upcoming zombie horror feature film Virus of the Dead 2 and lead role in upcoming zombie comedy feature film Six Feet Down Under. To this day, she continues to persue her career and push past her limits.

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3. Lore Burns (Australia)


Lore’s acting journey began with a fascination of music and performance due to growing up in a very  musical family, however, acting has always been her deepest passion. Back in 2010 Lore studied Production at the Victorian College of the Arts and worked as a Radio Microphone Technician on “King Kong” before successfully auditioning to represent Australia at the World Championships for Performing Arts, held in Hollywood in 2014. Lore was awarded a scholarship to study at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts for her acting efforts, which she intends to take up this July. Lore is also currently studying with Actors Arise Acting Studio, she has performed on stage with Kylie Minogue at the 2014 Logies, taken on roles in various short films such as Beatrice, Erin, Andromeda and Clare and plays and maintains the discipline of filming herself daily for her own personal development. It is Lore’s acting dream to play a female regeneration of the Doctor in the BBC “Doctor Who” television series one day and she is working hard to consistently bring herself closer to this goal.

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