Most Promising Actresses Of The Month – June 2015 Edition

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1. Lauren Thomas (Australia)

Lauren Thomas (2)

Lauren Thomas is an up and coming Australian actress that has been working consistently in the industry from a young age. She has a background in dancing, presenting, modelling and writing and she hosts her own weekly live to air radio show. Her studies include a Diploma of Screen and Media (Journalism) and a Diploma of Business Administration. She has trained at many acting schools in Australia including NIDA, TAFTA, Nicholson’s Academy, Filmbites and The Perth Film Network Acting Studio. She has appeared in over 70 projects including playing lead and supporting roles in TV series ‘I’m on the Road‘, educational film ‘Everyone Pays‘, horror film ‘Australian Gothic: Apparicious‘, feature film ‘Hotel’ and short film ‘Run‘. You can find out more about Lauren by visiting Her IMDB account is and her Facebook account is

2. Nicole Whitehead (Australia)


Nicole has been training in acting since 2013 and she still can’t seem to get enough. She has starred in a number of short films such as Molotov and Caught Inside and feature films such as 500 Miles and Polly over the past two years and she’s had the time of her life doing them. She has recently appeared in the movie “The Inbetweeners” and she’s also due to appear on the film “San Andreas.” She loves entertaining and sharing her work with others and she’s always willing to help others better themselves.

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3. Tanika Douglas (Australia)


Aged nineteen and hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Tanika has most recently filmed the Foxtel television series Facing Evil (2014) playing the lead role of Courtney, which is soon to be released. Since immersing herself in the Film and Television industry three years ago, she has appeared in many short films – most notably as the lead in The Quickening (2014), and commercials including Zelle Real Estate and Skin First. Studying for the past ten years, she has attended The Australian Film and Television Academy among other schools, and worked with a large number of talented, different teachers, and many well respected Australian casting directors and directors. She is a skilled cook, recreational skier and she runs a growing health and wellness website. With a solid live theatre background, Tanika is currently working on her continual growth as a young screen actress and further developing her exciting career.

4. Rachael Steel (Australia)


Rachael is constantly working in the industry in all three disciplines: vocals, acting and dance. This has allowed her to bridge between Theatre, film, vocal music recording and stage. Having worked with the likes of Disney Writer and Director, Shirley Pierce and the brilliant director Tom McSweeney has given her professional training and work. She is currently performing at Movie World as Dorothy, Marilyn and Gatsby. She is also listed with a lead in two undisclosed future films and have many short films and leads in theatre under her belt such as “Cursed”, “Dolly-annie get your gun” and “Children’s Hour”. A major highlight was opening the Commonwealth Games Bid with the National Anthem and receiving Young International Woman of the Year in Performing Arts and community service, ’12 and ’13 for South Queensland. Rachael is also a member of Australia’s up and coming new girl group, Mischief, singing and acting in their music video. This high energy, four piece pop act first hit social media in February this year with 120,000 video views on Facebook and over 25,000 YouTube views from their growing young fan base. Rachael and the other girls in the group have released their new single; ‘Kick It Back’ and have already scored radio play with commercial station Hit105 Brisbane.

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