Most Promising Actresses Of The Month – November 2015 Edition

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1. Danae Vincent (Australia)


Danae is currently in the middle of production for her own film which she has written and also producing alongside local producer Mark Harris – they will be casting next month for the leading man. This film will be directed by up and coming directorial talent Eddie Diamandi and she is starring in the leading role. So far she has appeared in a number of short films such as Medicine, V-Day, Breathe, Lure and Zombies In Brunswick as well as TV series pilots such as Lucky Country and Straight Answers.

2. Jip Panosot (Australia)


Jip Panosot is an actor/model who loves life in the industry and is eager to explore and expand her potential. She greatly values variety in the roles she plays and celebrates unique characters, as is evidenced in the eclectic range of opportunities that make up her portfolio and pursuits. Action acting is a passion she especially enjoys – a marriage of her lifelong love for martial arts and entertainment arts, which led her to take up training in the performance of fight scene and film stunts. She loves to learn and always seeks new skills, and over the course of her life these have included an array of activities from music and dance to horse riding and fire twirling. Strongly motivated, she is not afraid to try new things or to face challenges in the pursuit of her dreams. She has appeared in a number of short films such as Time Benders, Bite Club, TOKO, Ninja Love Story and Fight Apocalypse; and features/trailers including Tough Love, Parade of the Dead, The Cottonwood Fence, Greymare and Alfa Maschi; as well as music videos such as Alex Edwards’ Revolutions, Simplex’s Be Somebody and Nostic’s Creature.

3. Emma Pirone (Australia)


Emma Pirone is a 24 year old actress who hails from Adelaide, South Australia. She’s extremely passionate about acting and the entertainment industry and an actress is all she has ever aspired to be. She’s a creative person and she loves watching films, writing, reading and spending quality time with her fiance and people closest to her. She also loves watching sports and would like to improve in other skills in particularly dance (hip hop) and singing. She’s someone who has big dreams and is determined to achieve them through hard work, passion and focus. So far she has appeared in a number of short films such as Break Up, Breath Through, Stepping Out, Breathe and Queen of Hearts.

4. Megan Hollier (Australia)


Megan Hollier grew up in Perth Western Australia. She was heavily involved in the Perth theatre and film industry before deciding to pursue formal acting training. She auditioned and was accepted into The American Academy of Dramatic Arts where she completed the two year conservatory program and was invited into the exclusive third year Company program. Megan performed as the lead in plays such as The Waiting Room, North Shore Fish and Some Girls and starred in a short film called A Bright Heart which is currently available online. Since graduating Megan has signed with a manager and is currently working in the Los Angeles Film and Theater industry.

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