Most Promising Actresses Of The Month – November 2017 Edition

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1. Cassie McInnes (Australia)


Cassie McInnes is the next Australian actress that you’ll be seeing on your screens. She could be described as a mix between Rebel Wilson, Jodie Foster and Magda Szubanski. Her unique style makes any audience believe her, and she has proven to be a hit in South Australia. Cassie is up and coming, and some more. Her energy is contagious, and she is destined for the screen and our hearts. Cassie is not afraid to work hard and put herself out there, resulting in her starring in films and projects supported by Epic Films, SA Film Corporation, and Media Resource Centre just to name a few. Cassie’s versatility ranges from a current feature lead role of ‘Cargo,’ in a Sci-Fi (happy go lucky, alien killer), to a sensible and caring mother. She is also often cast as ‘a stalker or a crazy lady.’ Cassie jokes “I can really relate to the crazy roles, it’s like a release of stored up madness, not sure what they say about me but I’m happy”! It won’t be long until Cassie is shining on our screens even more.

2. Hannah Hearder (Australia)


Hannah is a 20-year-old actress whose lifelong dream has always been to be seen on the big screen. Ever since primary school she already decided that she was going to act, no matter how tough, or how impossible it seemed, she wasn’t going to stop until she made it. During high school she was involved in circus, comedy, musical theatre, on screen, on stage, anything and everything creative she could get her hands on, she did. Since leaving high school she has been in 14 short films, 5 stage shows, and currently filming episodes for the web series ‘Legends of Marithia’ by Peter Koevari, as the character Anakari. It’s definitely been difficult pursuing an acting career, being told it’s an unrealistic dream, or it won’t pay the bills so I should just do something more normal – but she can’t. Acting is a part of her, and no matter what, she’s going to continue trying her hardest to make this dream a reality.

3. Hannah Evelyn (Australia)

A_Hannah Evelyn

The ethereal Hannah Evelyn has appeared in short films such as Stella Nox(2015), Perth independent feature film The End (2016), ARENArts Much Ado About Nothing(2016) and toured primary schools with Safety House. This year she made her Fringe World debut with The Open Lid Ensemble’s inaugural creation Halina. She has also appeared in their second work RISSCHT! The Little Match Girl as part of the 2016 Fremantle Festival. A graduate of Curtin University’s Bachelor of Arts in Performance Studies and Screen Arts, she appeared in numerous Hayman Theatre Productions. The recipient of the Theatregoers’ award in her second year, Hannah took the lead in her third-year major production of ‘The Three Birds,’ completing her Honours year in 2013 with The Ordinary Life of Alice. Hannah has a passion for telling the vivid, visceral stories of our inner worlds.

 4. Jamie Binnion (Australia)


Jamie Binnion has been working in the industry as an actor for about five years now. She undertook acting training as a kid but only decided to pursue acting as a career five years ago. In this time, She has been involved in a number of projects including a range of short films, commercials, and feature films. She has worked on commercials such as chemist warehouse and snap fitness, as well as lead and supporting roles in a range of feature films. One of her most recent feature films ‘What goes around comes around’ had a cinema run at Colac cinemas and is now out on DVD. Jamie has recently been cast in an exciting television show and has been accepted into the full time acting program at Howard Fine Studios Australia for 2018. She plans to keep building her Australian credits before she takes on the LA market.

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  2. Cassie gets my vote. She’s a beautiful person, inside and out, with an amazing talent that needs to get out there!

  3. As a fellow costar of the wonderful Cassie I can attest to her ability and her lovely personality. I hope she can take this award as she deserves it for sure.

  4. i see a strong growth in confidence, range and skill. some of the early makeup did give her the best ‘onscreen’ unfortunate. she will make it as opportunities grow..

  5. This is a great award to uncover to everyone the New Talent that is amazing! Have to say Cassie wins my vote. Amazing actress and person all round very unique!!

  6. Hello – my vote goes to Cassie McInnes. She is beautiful and fun and genuine. Her family are incredible and supportive. This girl has the guts to go far,
    All the best,

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