Rising Star Spotlight: Make Way For The Talented Rosemary Ochtman

Rosemary is a 22-year-old actor and dancer based in Melbourne, Australia. She has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Theatre and Performance from the University of New England and participated in a Screen Acting intensive with NIDA. Rosemary intends to continue her actor training through undertaking her Honours in Theatre – which will include producing and performing in a stage play. Having danced since the age of 4, and recently performed in multiple stage plays including “Blackrock”, “Some Explicit Polaroids”, and “Love and Information”, Rosemary is very passionate about performance and has a focus on combining dance-based movement with spoken word Theatre – which she is exploring through her involvement in independent Australian Theatre, dance training, and further actor training. When she is not performing, Rosemary enjoys painting, drawing, reading novels, and eating brownies!’

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