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We have a large and diversified visitor base from all over the world and they are made up of CEOs, models, artists, musicians, bloggers, modeling agencies, talent scouts, entrepreneurs, record labels as well as regular folks like you and me. If you let us help you establish an online presence, you will gain access to our massive network of over 500,000 followers via the StarCentral Magazine website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram as well as our massive 50,000+ Email list. This is your big chance to finally shine and get noticed which can possibly lead to big contracts as well as a very lucrative business or career.

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StarCentral Magazine has its own hair and makeup artist team, photographers, and videographers – so we can easily organize a professional photo or video shoot for you at a very affordable price.

Our Stats

According to Google Analytics; the StarCentral Magazine website garners around 11 million+ page views/year (30,000 daily readers), and the online version of StarCentral Magazine gets downloaded more than 30,000 times/release. Hence, the online version of our magazine combined with our email list has an average readership of around 85,000+.

We also have a social media network consisting of three distinct Facebook fan pages, which all have a combined following of over 400,000 fans. Our StarCentral Media Group page alone has over 300,000 plus likes and followers our StarCentral Magazine page has over 55,000 likes and followers. We also have 2 Twitter accounts which have a combined following of over 33,000 followers and we are also active Instagram (21,000+ followers).


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