Tough twelve interview with Promising Male artist Nate Tao

1. Tell us your name and something about yourself.

My name is Nate Tao. My parents are deaf and we use American Sign Language.

2. Give us a brief description of what projects you have worked on and achievements you have accomplished so far.

I have performed the National Anthem at Fenway Park; I sung solo twice at the Lincoln Centre in New York City for the ICCA (International Championship of Collegiate Acappella) and received the “Best Soloist” Award at the same time. I’ve been nominated for a ‘CARA’ (A Cappella Recording Award) for “Best Soloist” and I co-wrote and co-produced my first self-titled EP of pop/electronic music back in 2010. I also sang as a back-up vocalist at the AFI Tribute to Mike Nichols in Los Angeles in front of America’s leading actors and actresses. Since moving to Los Angeles around a year ago I have performed as the lead vocalist for a new band, recorded lead vocals on a full-length album, and performed at The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood. In addition, I’m currently working with an extremely talented musician/producer who has worked and toured with Colbie Caillat. We’re in the beginning stages of pitching original songs to television, media, and entertainment networks/companies and developing my own solo material. Upcoming gigs include performing at LA Pride and being a finalist for the Kollaboration LA talent contest on July 13th at the Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood. The winner of that contest gets to perform at the Nokia Theatre so fingers crossed! I am excited for the future.

3. Do you remember the last time you noticed the sound of your own breathing?

Yes, last week when I went running. I haven’t exercised in a while so my breathing was so loud and obnoxious!

4. Decisions are being made all the time. Now the question is: Are you making them for yourself, or are you letting others make them for you?

Sometimes I’m not sure about my own decisions but all in all I’m a really independent guy so I make the majority of my decisions myself.

5. What would you do differently if you knew nobody else would judge you?

I would say what’s on my mind all the time and just be honest. I don’t do that enough and it’s unhealthy to keep everything to yourself.

6. How would you rate your career right now?

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being absolutely, mind-blowingly awesome, I’d say a 6. It’s not because I think I’m doing horribly but because I know there’s so much more I can do. I’m just hard on myself.

7. What would you say is your personal mission in life?

Honestly, I don’t think I know exactly what it is yet. But I know it involves affecting and meeting people through music, I like travelling, keeping strong connections with the people I care about, and exploring the meaning of life.

8. Are you scared of not ‘making it’ and achieving your dreams?

It’s funny that you ask because I think about it all the time! I think about it way more than I should and I really should stop.

9. Take a pick: would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones?

I’d rather lose all of my old memories. I don’t think I’d feel completely alive if my memory stopped working. Plus, I might be able to write down all my old memories down anyway before choosing one of these options and then try to remember them again. That’s probably cheating though!

10. If you wake up one morning and discover that you have somehow switched genders, what’s the first thing you would shout and why?


11. What are you most sorry about in your whole life?

Not keeping in good touch with my extended family. Almost all of them are in Taiwan and I haven’t been back in years so it’s just hard to do that.

12. Let’s say you’re currently looking at a mirror right now, what do you see and what would you like to say?

I see a guy so good-looking it hurts! LOL No, but really, I see a good-natured guy who’s ready to take on the world. I’d say to myself “In all the craziness that life brings, don’t forget to believe in yourself.”

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