Male Artist Of The Month For August 2012

Many performers are fueled by the support they receive from their fans and Joey Ferrandino, aka Joey Dino, is definitely one of them. “It might sound cliché but it’s true. Days when I feel like giving up I remember that there are people out there who enjoy listening to me and it means a lot.” And it is that fan base that helped Joey Dino become StarCentral’s Male Artist of the Month for August 2012.

It is that connection to the audience that the 17-year old singer/songwriter enjoys about performing. “The fact that people take the time to watch me is the greatest feeling ever; I love the support my fans show me.” His first foray into the limelight was not the most glamorous (he performed at an outdoor restaurant in an amusement park called Playland in Rye, New York) but it gave him a tantalizing taste – “I was so nervous but once I got on stage my fears went away.” And his most memorable performance was not in front of hundreds, nor was it particularly triumphant, but it speaks to Joey’s sense of humour. “I was at a party and the girls there knew about my music. So they asked me to sing a song for them… everything was going smoothly until my voice cracked… it’s my most embarrassing performance but it was my most memorable.” Well, that performance has certainly not hurt his popularity with his YouTube channel, “Joey Dino” garnering nearly 460,000 views with over 2,400 subscribers. His original music (“…a mixture between R&B and Pop with a melodic twist…”), such as “I’ll Give You The Moon” is now also available on iTunes.

Family support is also a cornerstone of Joey’s success. His entire family is involved in his career. His siblings “…always spread the word about my music…” while his mother, “aka my promoter, secretary, and motivator. I can always count on her to keep my dream alive and encourage me to never give up.” But his father is the realist and helps to keep his son’s feet on the ground. “…His advice reminds me to work hard because it’s a big world and there are thousands of people trying to do the same thing I’m doing…” Well, if the number of fans who watch his videos and listen to his music are anything to go by, Joey Dino will soon stand out all on his very own.

Joey Dino:

  1. joey’s song is called “I’ll Give You The Moon” not “I’ll Fly You To The Moon” haha. But great article!

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