Beauty Guru Of The Month For July 2012

Most women remember playing with their mother’s make up when they were little girls. But for a lot of women, those playful times were just that…play. Not for Noe Mae Villagonzalo, StarCentral Magazine’s ‘Beauty Guru’ of the Month for July 2012. For her it was the spark that ignited a lifetime of passion. “My passion for makeup is something innate and something I could not explain…” As a child, “my grandmother was my first model and even if I managed to make her look like a clown, she never said anything discouraging. In fact, she loved it! She is one of my biggest inspirations.”

Noe Mae was exposed to the creative world very early on in her childhood. Her parents took her to dance classes, vocal training, guitar lessons and she was active in theatre all through school. But her career as a makeup artist officially began when she was 18 years old. “Back then I did most of my cousins’ and relatives’ makeup and hair…” She worked on building up her skills until 2010 when she launched her YouTube channel, “COLORismyweapon,” dedicated to helping women achieve flawless makeup looks for any occasion. “I wanted to share what I know with others and show them that they can look their best without the hassle.” Clearly, her audience appreciates it as to date, her channel has achieved nearly 971,000 views and has over 12,600 subscribers!

Deriving inspiration from “Old Hollywood actresses, such as Sofia Loren, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor” for her classic looks, Noe Mae admits that it is the interaction with “different and unique individuals” is what she most enjoys about being a makeup artist. “Being a part of a person’s life is a tremendous honor.” Meeting people from many “different walks of life”, it is the people who have battled illness and still retained a “sunny disposition about life”, that has touched and humbled Noe Mae the most. “It’s such a powerful thing to behold. So powerful that it makes you grateful for everything that you have and not focus on the things you can’t change.”

But for right now, her full concentration is in completing her degree and achieving her licence. She is studying for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from the University of San Jose, Recoletos in Cebu city, Philippines. After that, it seems that the sky is the limit. With her family’s full support behind her (“Without them, I wouldn’t have achieved anything.”), Noe Mae plans “to take my channel and my blog up a notch very soon and get more experience and training in the field. Everyone should definitely stay tuned!”

For Noe Mae’s YouTube channel, click here:

  1. Wow!! Noe!! Congratulations! nag level na oh!! More Power and God Bless You!! We Love you in behalf of Psychoploks Family..!! hahahah

  2. I apologise. I’ve fixed the mistake and updated the article. Thanks for pointing it out!

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