Beauty Guru Of The Month For August 2012

Her looks are edgy and adventurous, begging for confidence to pull off. And that kind of confidence is exactly what Brittany Barrilleaux, StarCentral’s Beauty Guru of the Month for August 2012, has in abundance.

Birttany herself admits that her interest in beauty was more accidental than anything else! “It sort of became interested in me and I just kept the relationship going…” She stumbled across makeup tutorial videos on YouTube back in 2008 and found herself inspired by them. So much so that she created her own channel (“Everything Beauty and Fashion Related”) and in the 4 years since its launch has garnered nearly 16,900,000 views with just over 63,000 subscribers! “Once I realized it was something I was good at and that it came with ease for me, I think sky is the limit now. Why not do what you love?”

Her enthusiasm for all things associated with beauty has not waned. She enjoys the learning process (“Never think you’ve learned everything there is to know…you learn something new every day.”), and “…my subscribers on my YouTube channel keeps me going.” She even accepts the criticisms she sometimes receives as part of that learning process, “I think complete strangers are the harshest critics. They let me know what they like and don’t like. It’s like I’m getting schooled…” The amount of views on her channel is overwhelming evidence that she has taken those lessons to heart and enhanced her skills. She recalls being asked by drag queens to do their makeup as “an honor” and one of the most memorable experiences in her career.

Hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the 21-year old is not one for following the norm. “I never follow exact trends so it’s always fun seeing the trends of the seasons and then picking through them to fit my personal style… I love how I can show my personality through my clothing and makeup.” It is a personal philosophy that she hopes she can pass on to her fans. “I hope to continue helping people enhance their natural beauty as well as have fun and be creative.” With the full support of her family (“My mother is very proud of me…”) behind her, it is a philosophy well on its way to reaching many, many other fans.

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