Fashionista Of The Month For September 2012

Fashion and Brandy met at a very young age. “As a little kid I would play dress up with my grandparents clothing, I would go into their closet and pull out pieces of clothing to wear around the house…I had a big imagination and it was reflected by the way I styled my look.” What started as a hobby and a child’s playtime, transformed into a passion and into StarCentral Magazine’s Fashionista of the Month for September 2012.

Brandy discovered fashion YouTube videos back in 2007. At first she had found it strange that other girls would broadcast their fashion finds. But it sparked her interest and 2 years later, she found herself launching her own channel, ‘Fashion and DIY Inspiration’ which so far, has garnered nearly 313,000 views and nearly 7,500 subscribers! She also writes a daily blog which not only highlights a certain look or accessory, but how to create your own pieces of fashion.

For this fashionista, fashion “feeds my spirit.” “I enjoy being able to be creative, I get excited and energetic, knowing I am able to mix different colors, textures and patterns. You are able to express yourself through clothing.” She believes that “trends are fun to keep up with but I believe you can wear whatever you want, when you want.” She has also learned that fashion can be self-empowering.

Finding inspiration everywhere (“I get inspired by my surroundings, walking around seeing different colors of nature, magazines and sometimes ideas just pop up when I’m about to go to sleep. And of course my subscribers!”), Brandy enjoys being able to share her passion with like-minded people all around the world. “I have met so many other people who express their own style in fashion and I respect that.”

This multi-talented young lady (she also plays the ukulele and the flute) knows that passion must be coupled with perseverance for her to achieve her dreams. With the full support of her family behind her, one day – when Brandy has her way – there will be a clothing boutique just as unique and inspirational as her coming our way!

YouTube Channel, ‘Fashion and DIY Inspiration’:

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