Beauty Guru Of The Month For September 2012

“I am fashion and style obsessed. I love that style and fashion is constantly changing and stays unique to each individual.” Jennifer R, aka MrsJennMarie, aka StarCentral Magazine’s Beauty Guru of the Month for September 2012, also has a passion for making others feel beautiful. She shares her expertise and knowledge through her incredibly popular YouTube Channel – ‘Jenn Marie Support By Subscribing ’ which so far, has garnered over 680,000 views and nearly 8,500 subscribers, and through her website: ‘Beauty With Jenn.’ One can assume that being a wife, a mother and a prolific vlogger could become tiresome but not for Jenn – “I do not consider it work because I enjoy it so much!”

Like many little girls, as a child, Jenn could be found playing dress up in her mother’s closet and experimenting with her make-up. But it was in high school that that early fascination solidified into a career decision. “I was always the girl who did everyone’s hair and makeup for every event so I always knew I would go into the beauty industry.” At 19, she graduated from cosmetology school and immediately began working in a salon/spa. After building up her clientele, she was able to open her own mini spa called ‘Studio J.’ Her YouTube channel was born 2 years ago when she stumbled upon a makeup tutorial on YouTube by well-known beauty guru, SCCastaneda “….and I immediately knew I wanted to do that too…. she is also a mother like ME and still found time to do videos so that sold me…”

Since then, her own popularity soared. In addition to her blog and videos, she also has her freelance business (“ I also love doing wedding makeup…there are a few that will stick with me forever…”) and has even competed in hair shows to great success! Inspired by the industry itself as well as by her followers, her positive attitude has also carried her far (“Positive thinking and energy goes along way. Put GOD first and everything else will fall into place.”). With the full support of her family behind her, there is every chance that her ultimate dream of owning her own make-up line could well be within her grasp.

Website, ‘Beauty With Jenn’:

YouTube Channel, ‘Jenn Marie Support By Subscribing :

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