Beauty Guru of the Month for November 2012

It was as simple as watching her mother apply lip gloss that started Diva Doll on her road to becoming not only a successful makeup artist but as StarCentral Magazine’s Beauty Guru of the Month for November 2012. Watching her mother get ready for church taught Diva Doll how important it was to take pride in one’s appearance.  It was in high school that that fancy solidified into a career choice.  Becoming a hairstylist was what interested her at first but after cosmetology school, she realized she had a natural ability to understand makeup application.  “I knew then I wanted to start my own business to share my own version of makeup applications and to let women know you can be your own flawless self.”

Wanting to share her passion with other women (“I simply wanted to be able to connect to women in a language we could understand and have fun with together”), Diva Doll began her own YouTube channel in 2009.  The channel not only consists of her makeup tutorials but the self-proclaimed “DIY Queen” also uploads videos of her handmade masterpieces – “I love finding things and making them my own. With lots of bling of course!”

Her dedication to makeup and her desire to share her knowledge with other women (“I have a strong passion for it and love teaching others what I know.”) culminated in Diva Doll launching her very own make up line called ‘Diva Doll Flawless.’  Her line is an extension of her wanting to teach women about their “flawless” selves, “…that every woman is unique and beautiful…”  What she enjoys most about her career is “…seeing my clients smile after learning a new trick or technique.”  Knowing that she is a positive influence in their lives inspires her, grounds her and pushes her to “…be the best artist/business woman I can be.”

Another major inspiration for Diva Doll is her family.  Her family is firmly behind her (she is a mother to three young children and her husband is also in the cosmetology field) as she continues on her road to success.  With future plans of having a “…drug store makeup line accessible to all women…as well as my own boutique…”, she hopes to “…be able to have something left when I am gone that my children can benefit from. Both morally and financially.”  Valuable lessons along the way have taught her to “…never let anyone deter me from my dreams and goals. I started everything with a hope and an idea and seeing things turn into a reality has been a major push and reward.”


Makeup line: ‘Diva Doll Flawless’ –

  1. Congratulations Diva Doll! I am so proud of you. It’s nice to see my Maven Sister doing her thing and being recognized for her hard work in realizing her dreams. Kudos girl, this is only the beginning of better things to come. You are truly EVERY WOMAN!!!

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