Beauty Guru of the Month for March 2013!

Chloe Carson, StarCentral’s Beauty Guru of the Month for March 2013, is not your average 15-year old!  For starters, her YouTube channel, ‘lalastar0002’ has over 3,500 subscribers and has garnered over 1,300,000 views!  And she already has her path in life set -“…I would love to open my own beauty salon when I get older, and be my own boss…”  Most of her peers don’t even know what to do after their high school graduation!

62184_220069708131206_107093711_n-Tammy Carson

Photo by: Natalie Ba, Clothes by: Kezia Bethel

Chloe’s journey in the beauty industry began as a young girl experimenting on her mother’s hair.  Years later, when she came to the realization that she “…loved doing hair, and makeup, and loved fashion, I knew that I didn’t want to do anything else but what I loved to do!”  It was then that she discovered YouTube.  She began by just watching the videos posted by other beauty vloggers and then “…next thing I knew I was making beauty videos…not just watching them!”

66559_10152093932340464_1246766101_n-Natalie Ba

Photo by: Tammy Carson

This young American finds herself rarely uninspired by the beauty world.  She enjoys the vast range of styles worn by people.  It cements her belief that “…you can express who you really are through your fashion and what clothes you wear…”  Her YouTube channel affords her that same chance at expression.  Being able to share “…what I love to other people who also love those things is really wonderful and memorable…” and she is continually fascinated and interested by the people that she has met through YouTube.

374475_220066944798149_577607336_n-Natalie Ba

Photo by: Natalie Ba, Clothes by: Kezia Bethel

Even with her family’s unwavering support, Chloe has had to deal with the downside of being in the ‘public eye.’ “…Making videos on YouTube, you get some amazingly sweet comments, and some comments that can really hurt you…” so she has had to learn “…not to care what people think about me…it’s so easy for people (myself included!) to get worried about what people think about you, when all that really matters is if you’re happy with who you are.”  This is also where her strong Christian faith comes into play – “I also love God with all my heart…He loves me way more than I could imagine.”

This one multi-talented young lady (she is also a singer and painter) already has made an amazing start to not just her career but also in life.  It’s pretty safe to say, that her down-to-earth nature, drive, talent and ambition will see her even more success that she can possibly dream of!

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  1. Chloe you’re an amazing beauty YouTuber! You have a special talent, love you! 🙂

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