Beauty Guru of the Month for July 2013!

Laura (StarCentral Magazine’s Beauty Guru of the Month for July 2013), or as she is known to the world of YouTubers, ‘mugwump05’, is a video blogger who focuses mainly on the world of makeup and beauty.  This means that Laura chats about anything from skincare to lipsticks and everything in between.  Occasionally her viewers are treated to a little insight into her book recommendations or fashion products and this keeps the channel interesting and a little diverse.

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Laura describes herself as a “normal girl with an extraordinary love of makeup”.  By the time she had filmed her first YouTube video she had already been watching other beauty videos for years.  The thought of doing her own video was a little intimidating at first and she explains,  “Uploading videos can be intimidating since there are thousands of incredible YouTubers out there, many of whom have been doing this for years and have tons of subscribers.”

Overcoming her nerves, Laura decided not to compare herself to others and to embrace who she was, even if she felt she came across ‘dorky and awkward’ on camera.  She took the plunge and began to upload her videos to YouTube.

Her bravery was rewarded and people started subscribing to her channel and interacting with her through the comments section.  Laura now has almost 1,000 subscribers on her channel and what started as a hobby has now grown into a solid foundation for Laura to share her passion and creativity.

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In an online world, bloggers sometimes feel unrewarded or lost behind a sea of faceless ‘followers’ but Laura is different.  She draws happiness and pride from every person who subscribes to her channel or leaves a positive comment on a video.  She explains, “There are tons of incredible channels out there, and I’m thankful every time someone selects mine out of the crowd.”

“Even though I make videos by sitting down alone in front of a camera, I’m definitely not doing this on my own! Other people on YouTube continuously inspire me. Whenever I have a question (usually something technical – not my strong suit!) I can always ask a friend on YouTube for help. I also try to use feedback and constructive criticism to improve my videos.”

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Laura’s experience has been a positive one and she encourages anyone with a YouTube channel or thinking of starting one not to hold back.  “Do what you love and pursue the things that make you happy. Don’t worry about comparing yourself to others; people will like your videos because they’re uniquely “you.”

YouTube Channel, ‘Mugwump’s Makeup’:

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