Beauty Guru of the Month for September 2013!

StarCentral Magazine’s Beauty Guru of the Month for September 2013 is Bethany, she hosts the beauty YouTube channel “GlamourWithGrace”. Her channel covers makeup, nail polish, fashion and hair styles and she always injects her usual fun and creative flair with each vidcast. We had the pleasure of interviewing our Beauty Guru of the month just recently and here’s what went down:

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When did you start “GlamourWithGrace” and what made you want to start a beauty channel?

I started “GlamourWithGrace” 21 July 2012 so it has been just over a year. I have always loved makeup and everything beauty and when I found the YouTube beauty community I thought it would be a great experience and hobby to make my own channel.

What inspired your title, “ClamourWithGrace”?

I chose “GlamourWithGrace” because I wanted something catchy but also something that related to me. My middle name is Grace so that is how that was developed. I love the words and definitions of glamour and glamorous so I decided to put them together.

How would you describe your personality?

I would describe my personality as funny, spunky, unique, and a bit random. I love to laugh and just be myself. I would consider myself to be a really outgoing and a people person.

What are your top 5 beauty products?

Urban Decay Vice Palette

ELF Cosmetics Waterproof Black Eyeliner Pen

All Bold and Bright lipsticks! Examples: MAC’s Candy Yum Yum & Maybelline Vivids lipsticks

Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Concealer in Very Light

MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle

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How many subscribers do you have?

I recently hit over 1000 subscribers and I was so excited and thankful. I currently have 1,309 subscribers and it is so awesome to have all the support and friendships.

What do you enjoy most about beauty vlogging?

All the new friends I have made from YouTube. There are so many talented and awesome people in the Beauty/Vlog community and I have had so much fun building relationships with them.

What’s your daily beauty regime?

I wear a full face of makeup almost every day. It is my passion and I am always so excited to wake up every morning and create a new look for the day. I always wash my face in the morning and moisturizer. Next, I do a full face of makeup including primer, foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer/counter, highlight, eyeliner, mascara, and finally the most exciting, the lips!

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Do you ever get nervous before doing a vidcast?

Not anymore. I love watching my first videos from a year ago. I fumbled a lot with my words and was nervous. I feel so much more comfortable now and find it so much fun.

Why is beauty and fashion so important to you?

I think beauty and fashion is a wonderful way to express yourself. My makeup and fashion can show how I feel that day, the occasion, the season, the trends, or just my experimentation with my unique style.

You’re always wearing a lot of fabulous colour in your vidcasts, is it on purpose?

Yes! It is totally on purpose. I love colour and I try and incorporate colour in all my looks. I like to wear a lot of colour in my fashion and I match that with my makeup. I try to always have either a bold lip look or eye look. Even my “natural” looks have a dramatic pop to them.

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