Beauty Guru of the Month for March 2014!

Article by: Rosal Jane

“There are no limits to creating the perfect look”, Kalei Lagunero, StarCentral Magazine’s Beauty Guru of the Month for March 2014, said.

For Kalei Lagunero, nothing is right or wrong in beauty. Trends change all the time and she enjoys learning new ways to recreate looks from famous makeup artists and stylists.

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Her goal in the beginning was just to help out girls. It’s more fulfilling to share your knowledge with people who might need it. YouTube gave that platform to Kalei. With it, she was able to freely share what she knows to all the girls out there. Plus, she’s able to learn a lot from other amazing women too.

Her career officially started in 2012, when she launched her YouTube channel “Kalei Lagunero”. It took a lot of hard work, determination and motivation. She is also proud that she gets to share her designs on the internet and to have the opportunity to relate to her viewers especially since she is multi-cultural.

It’s the versatility of the career that makes Kalei Lagunero love it more. You can look anyway you like. With Kalei, she can be edgy at one time and chic during other times. It’s the limitless possibilities and combinations which make it more exciting. There are no specific rules to follow. As long as she likes it, that’s all that really matters.

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With Kalei, it’s her family and friends that keep her inspired despite all the trials and obstacles along the way. For her, they are her best cheerleaders. They keep her grounded and focused on what matters most. Because of them, she is always reminded to be a blessing to others. She considers herself nothing without them. Without the love and support they’d given her, her dreams would have remained dreams only.

Along with the people who support her in her career, memorable moments keep her engaged in the field. It’s the experience that makes every trial, every heartache worthwhile. For people to notice her work, telling her she’ll go far, is very inspiring to her. She is always honored to hear praises. These are what make her excited for the future of her career.


Aside from all the experiences, getting to meet people is also one of the best things about her career. She takes pride in all her subscribers. For her, they were very supportive and always try to make constructive comments if she’s being out of character. They guided her and kept her challenged all the time.

Kalei Lagunero

Not only that, the lessons Kalei learned in her career kept her moving forward. She believes that positivity is the answer to all the problems in life. It’s how you see things that matters. When she made the decision to be positive, everything began to click. Her thoughts and attitude changed for the better.

With her perseverance and passion to share and inspire, no wonder Kalei Lagunero is our Beauty Guru of the Month.

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