Beauty Guru To Watch Out For In 2014: Atinuke Akinsanya

Just over four years ago, Atinuke Akinsanya started dabbling in make-up. She wasn’t that good, but it was a passion that made her go on until discovering make-up tutorials in YouTube two years later. Everything worked out from there and ultimately led her to becoming StarCentral’s Beauty of the Guru for June 2014. YouTube taught her and was instrumental in getting herself recognized. She’s found that YouTube is divided between the few who make videos out of real passion, and a majority which merely wants to be seen by the millions of YouTube watchers.


Calls came from people who saw her on YouTube. Her real career as a professional has just started this year, 2014, with freelance projects showcasing her creativity. Fashion’s ever-changing styles are perfect for her creative abilities – she likens this mercurial spirit to a colorful revolving door of trends and combinations of styles. Fashion styles are her drivers, because its trends apply to make-up as well.

Atinuke’s biggest inspiration is her husband who has been with her throughout the whole process. He’s her backbone, her number one cheerleader and faithful believer. He leads an inspirational life that is based on trust in oneself and in God. Ultimately, God is both Atinuke and her husband’s guide and source of protection.


When the 28-year old hit 5,000 subscribers on YouTube Channel, it was very exciting and her kids knew from watching her that she was going to make it. Her make-up artist icon is Buntricia, whom she would like to meet one day. She knows that you can never really please everyone, and often she has had to move on even when the going got very tough. There is always some sort of ideological opposition and hardcore debate among the lights in the beauty/Vlogging field. This has not stopped her – it merely taught this makeup artist/dancer to be resilient and trust what’s in her heart to progress personally and be successful. But then, there is a saying especially applicable to her profession: “People will not talk about you if you are not important”. Inside, all the debate makes her realize that the creative drivers in the field are talked about any which way, and when people talk about her work (positively or negatively), it makes her feel good.


Every day her husband makes it a point to add a little to Atinuke’s dream beauty room. With the support of their family, she is building the professional profile she wants. The future awaits this top-notch make-up artist. She is well on her way to being recognized in many of the world’s fashion spots and has plans to start up her own beauty line in the U.S. and Nigeria. She also sees success as a way to create jobs and help put money in people’s pockets.



1.      What is the one beauty product you can’t live without?

Concealer would definitely be the product I can’t live without because you can conceal imperfections, use it as an eye shadow base and a lipstick. The perfect Nude lip can be used with a concealer and a clear lip-gloss

2.      What is the most dramatic thing you’ve ever done to change your looks?

I contour the heck out of my face to make my face slimmer.

3.      What is in your makeup bag when you travel?

My travel makeup bag would include; Q-tips, Favorite lipstick and gloss (preferably neutral tones), Naked 3 Palette. MAC Ambering Rose Blush, Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara, Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder, La Girl Concealer in Fawn and Toffee, and my NYC Liquid Liner.

4.      What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself?

My oblong face is something I never liked from the start because I’ve been picked on several times because of my distinctive features. But as I started getting older I see it as a quality trait that many people desire to have.

5.      Your best guilty pleasure…

I love makeup of course, just take me into a Sephora or Ulta store, and I will go mad, nuts shopping. My hubby never goes department shopping with me because I always have to stop at some makeup counter.


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