Meet StarCentral Magazine’s Beauty Guru Of The Month For October 2014: Laura Lee


How does it feel to finally find something that you love to do for a lifetime? Most of the people would crumble in deep thoughts as they dig into the abyss of their unrealised dreams while looking for answers but there will always be someone who’s answers flow like warm honey and taste like it too! Yes, that someone is Laura Lee. Her innate passion for fashion and make up is what carved her path to StarCentral’s page as the Beauty Guru of the Month for the Month of October 2014. Laura is a very determined person and while she is currently standing proud at the zenith of her glamorous world, her journey did not start as sweet as its fruits.


Laura hasn’t always been the glamour girl that we now know and love. She is currently based in Los Angeles, California and she’s a self-confessed computer nerd who loves travelling and photography. Before soaking herself into the make-up world, she had been into various jobs and worked as a preschool teacher, a medical assistant and even worked in sporting goods too. It was during those times when she heard her heart calling her back to the place where she belongs, the fashion and make-up industry.


Born as Laura Ann Lee, this Caucasian dream warrior started her career in make-up three years ago by posting pictures of her own eye make-up looks via Instagram, under the stage name of Laura88Lee. After countless likes and followers, she decided to penetrate YouTube in the succeeding year and a half where she claimed she spent hours creating videos in exchange for 10-15 views and some harsh comments from detractors. “Being on YouTube requires thick skin but if you believe in yourself those words can’t hurt you”, she stresses.

However rough the start was, it didn’t take long for Laura to establish a huge fan base that is constantly starving for her talent and creativity. She attributed her success to all her loving fans and mentions, “the most interesting people I’ve met are my YouTube family. Meeting supporters is the most heart-warming feeling in the world. Words cannot describe it.”


While she looks up to her supporters as a source of inspiration to further her craft, her entire family remains at her side and they are all thrilled about how her career is shooting up. Laura is the youngest among the brood of three (a brother and a sister) and although, her dream has brought her this far, they still never miss a video of her.

Indeed, the universe pays you when you persevere towards what you enjoy doing. In an interview, Laura added that aside from make-up, she also has a fiery interest for style and fashion. She loves how it is always changing and believes that anyone can buy fashion but style is when you make it your own. When asked about the memorable part of her career, she delightfully shared how her experience of meeting Kandee Johnson, a YouTube legend, is something that she’ll remember for the rest of her life.


Laura Lee might seem to have achieved more than what she expected but she isn’t stopping. She hopes to reach 1 million YouTube subscribers and would continuously strive for more. After all, she has found her destiny and losing it is not an option.


  1. What is the one beauty product you can’t live without? NYC Liquid Liner
  2. What is the most dramatic thing you’ve ever done to change your looks? Probably a chemical peel to even out my skin tone.
  3. What is in your makeup bag when you travel? LORAC PRO Palette 1, NYC Liquid Liner, MAC pro long wear concealer, MAC “warm soul” brush, My Gerard cosmetics lip glosses!
  4. What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself? My crooked smile. So many people put braces on their children. I didn’t have that luxury however; I love how my crooked teeth set me apart from the rest. My smile is like no other.
  5. Your best guilty pleasure… Is the Glam Glow super mud mas, expensive but it makes my skin look flawless!

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