Beauty Guru Of The Month: Stephanie St. Jean


Stephanie St. Jean, stage name Stephanie Nadia, is StarCentral Magazine’s Beauty Guru of the Month for the Month of April. Unlike other people who often discover their passion by accident, Stephanie, who graduated from Baruch College with a degree in English Literature, has always been known for her artistic quality and creativity. She loves art, dance, theatre and photography, which are all linked to makeup and fashion in terms of being outlets for artistic self-expression.

As an artist, Stephanie views her career in makeup and fashion as an avenue to celebrate every individual’s uniqueness, taste, and style. She loves to express herself through these, which is an effective way to introduce herself to other people without having to use words.


Although creativity has always been wired to her personality, Stephanie didn’t realise this path until her passion for entrepreneurship took her to this direction shortly after her graduation. Clueless about what she really wanted to do, Stephanie and her friends decided to start a small graphic design business where she was able to display her growing love for photography, design, and videography. In 2011, she began her own beauty channel on YouTube and that was when everything becomes clear to her. Slowly, she begins to put more energy, creativity, and work into each video until partnerships with brands and other beauty products have knocked on her door.

Her passion for her craft has grown larger than life. Recently, she launched her own blog site called where she can freely inspire and encourage others to live on purpose, be intentional with their time and to do the things they always dreamed of. Like herself, Stephanie wants to make others realise that life just doesn’t happen because dreams are something that require hard work and people should take risks and be fearless.


Indeed, she is a good example of her words. Having been living a career that provides a great platform for risk-taking, dream-chasing, passion, and talent, Stephanie has grown to be an inspiration to many aspiring beauty professionals. For her, more than the rewarding aspect of discovering new trends and unique designs, it is really the ability to recreate herself through various styles that excites her every working day. After all, she believes that it is not only her job to appear beautiful on the outside but also to make her outside reflection an appropriate and the best representation of who she really is inside and who she is becoming.

Stephanie speaks proudly about the most fantastical video she has ever filmed. “Most people don’t realise it but a lot of these 5-minute beauty videos take hours or even days to create. The final outcome was definitely worth it,” she shares as she referenced to her Woodland Nymph makeup tutorial, which you can view through this link

Over the course of her fulfilling discoveries, Stephanie had the chance to meet some of her favourite beauty bloggers such as Raye Boyce, Teni Panosiani, Maya Washington, and Evelina Barry while making friends with other equally talented beauty bloggers in the names of Kalei Lagunero, Tracy Timberlake, and Nabela Noor. She also partnered with amazing brands such as Vain Pursuits and currently, Trioo.


We couldn’t help but predict a more fruitful career ahead of her. Stephanie, being an entrepreneur at heart, hopes to touch more of the plus-size fashion world and venture into home décor/design, as well. She could think of a hundred and one ideas on how she dreams her future to become, travelling is definitely a part of it or probably having beautiful babies in time, but right now she is content basking in the love and support of her family and her number 1 fan, her husband who has always been with her throughout the whole process.


  1. What is the one beauty product you can’t live without? Erase Paste by Benefit, my favourite concealer of all time.
  1. What is the most dramatic thing you’ve ever done to change your looks? Bleach the front of my hair platinum blonde.
  1. What is in your makeup bag when you travel? Everything. Ha! Erase paste, Naked Palette, Mascara, MAC Love Joy, and BB Cream.
  1. What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself? Sometimes, my outspokenness can get me into trouble, but I wouldn’t change it. I like to speak my mind, especially if I am standing up for something I believe in.
  1. Your best guilty pleasure. Netflix series marathons accompanied with double stuffed Oreos and milk!

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