Beauty Guru Of the Month For The Month Of August 2016: Ashley Klaty

Ashley Klaty 1

Ashley Klaty has always had an eye from spotting and creating magnificent things.

She revealed to us that she has always been crazy interested in fashion, style and makeup even at a young age. “I still have magazine tear sheets of makeup and fashion looks I loved from when I was 6 years old,” she confessed.

Ashley Klaty 2

Ashley, also known as Cinnamon (because she has an unseen feisty side), went to college and received degrees in photography and fine arts. Her education got her to work on commercial photo shoots, which led to starting her own photography business.

“I really enjoy the whole process of capturing a picture where a person, fashion, and makeup all collide and creates something beautiful,” she added.

And, all that led her to find her love for makeup and starting her own YouTube Channel. She recalled that she started out admiring the work of makeup artists she has worked with.

“I began purchasing and experimenting with makeup on my own and fell in love. I started a Youtube channel to share my journey with the makeup world and it has been so fun!”

Moreover, she did not really plan on making a career out of it but her love for what she was doing took her to a whole new heights. A lot of people loved her videos, and she began making a lot of connections in the makeup community in YouTube.

Ashley Klaty 3

“I guess, when you do anything with so much passion, people will sense that and will be drawn to it,” she quipped.

Furthermore, the beauty expert shared that what she loves most about it is that she can express who she is, and what makes her unique through fashion, styling, and makeup. “There are no rules. I believe that people are multi-dimensional and they can share these different dimensions to the world with fashion and makeup!” she explained.

Her husband has also been very supportive of her career. He has helped her create her videos for her Channel, and even takes pictures for her Instagram account. “It works out great because I can totally be myself on camera in front of him and then people get to see the real me. Staying authentic has been super important to me from the beginning. I get really shy and awkward in front of people I don’t know well. So, having him be my right hand and biggest fan is the best!” she happily shared.

Ashley Klaty 4

Currently, this YouTube sensation plans to continue what she is doing, and just find out where it’ll take her. She still has her photography business and being behind and in front of the camera is something she can see herself doing for a while. Ashley feels blessed that in such a short time she has gained so much support from her followers, and is beyond thankful for all the inspiration and encouragement she has received from them.

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