Beauty Guru Of The Month For November 2016: Judy Chhy


“The thing I love most about fashion is expressing yourself definitely. If I feel like being a bad ass, I will throw on my leather jacket and some ripped jeans but if I’m feeling a bit girly I will throw on a cute dress. Fashion is unique to everyone and that’s something very special.” – Judy Chhy

Judy Chhy is only twenty years old and already making a name for herself in the beauty Industry. Coming from a Chinese and Cambodian background, Chhy lives in New Zealand where she makes videos for her YouTube channel. When Chhy first started high school she remembers watching many tutorials and lookbooks on YouTube which is what sparked her interest in the YouTube world. Starting her channel about two years ago, Chhy really takes effort into what she does and the quality of content that she uploads for her viewers. Chhy loves being able to do what she does. She loves to creating and then sharing her opinion.


However, at one point Chhy was like any other twenty year old; she didn’t know what to do and she wasn’t happy. Before starting her YouTube channel, she used to be in school but she felt that she was not true to her passion she wasn’t sure why she was wasting her life being miserable doing something that she doesn’t even like. Hence the reason why she started her own YouTube channel because it’s what she loves.

Being on YouTube has definitely brought Chhy new things, for one, it taught her to be herself. There are so many people on YouTube trying to pursue their dreams but what makes Chhy different from others is that she is who she says she is. Chhy makes videos and she is proud of it. But that is not too hard when she draws inspiration from other You Tubers and a great supportive family who loves what Chhy does.


While the future is still unwritten, Chhy definitely sees herself still pursuing her YouTube dream. She hopes to reach her goal of 100k subscribers one day – and with the way she’s going, it shouldn’t be too long now.


1. What is the one beauty product you can’t live without? A brow pencil! My brows are so sparse I need a brow pencil to fix it.
2. What is the most dramatic thing you’ve ever done to change your looks? Change my hair colour. I went from pitch black to a grey ashy blonde.
3. What is in your makeup bag when you travel? All my must haves: Face mist, foundation, brow products, lip products – you know the deal.
4. What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself? My OCD. I feel like sometimes it’s annoying and unnecessary but it keeps me organised all the time which is a good skill to have.
5. Your best guilty pleasure… Chocolate! I’m so bad, I know.

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