Meet StarCentral Magazine’s Beauty Guru Of The Month: Feiyan Nunez


When asked what about the make-up and fashion industry first drew her in, Feiyan explains that “what interested me in makeup was that it didn’t have a certain set of rules I had to follow. I can freely express myself, and I love the whole process of creating a look”. As a result, Feiyan brings new and fresh ideas to the industry, which is always exciting and inspiring.

Regarding making her passion a career, she says that “I decided to make this my career because I feel as if it’s truly where I fit in” adding that “I never felt so passionate about anything else like makeup. It has always felt right for me to do this.”


She does, however, acknowledge that she’s still relatively new to the scene, admitting that “I wouldn’t say my career has fully started. I still need more work to be able to get noticed.” She also added that she’s very grateful for the opportunities and exposure that she’s gotten so far. “I never thought I would be recognized as a Beauty Guru,” she tells us, “but I’m really grateful for it.” She has also expressed gratitude for her continuously growing fan-base, which now stretches across the world.

In fact, she had stated that “the most memorable experience in my career so far was when a follower of mine messaged me saying she loved my work and she was sending her support from France. I was surprised when she mentioned where she was from because I never thought my work would be seen in a whole different continent.” This far-reaching influence and support show how likable and compelling Feiyan is with her work.

When it comes to personal inspiration and support, Feiyan says that her mother is very important to her. “The person that always keeps me going in my career is my mother,” she says, going onto explain that “we’ve gone through a lot of things that make me want to work hard for my future to make sure we never have to experience it again.” She adds on that her mother was initially uncertain about Feiyan’s career decision, “but she still tried her best to support me. Now, she sees how far I’ve gotten, and she believes in me so much more, and it’s very encouraging.”


For the future, Feiyan plans to continue her current work and eventually hopes to turn it into a source of steady income. “My future plans are to be making money from YouTube and Instagram,” she says, adding that“I also want to have a place of my own where I’m able to have a room solely for work”.

Overall, Feiyan Nunez is an incredible woman with a friendly and outgoing personality and an excellent work ethic. She brings great joy and passion to her work, and we look forward to seeing many more great things from her in the future.



1. What is the one beauty product you can’t live without? The one beauty product I can’t live without is my tinted brow gel from Essence.
2. What is the most dramatic thing you’ve ever done to change your looks? The most dramatic thing I’ve done to change my look was use color! I use to be so afraid of color that we’ve become best friends.
3. What is in your makeup bag when you travel? I want to say I only take a couple of products but let’s be honest… I take everything!
4. What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself? Being too hard on myself because it pushes me to do better.
5. Your best guilty pleasure… staying up late watching YouTube videos while eating Hot Cheetos Limon (my favorite)

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