Beauty Gurus Of The Month – April 2013 Edition

Vote now for who you think should be the Beauty Guru of the month for April 2013! If you feel that you or someone you know deserves to be a featured as one of the Beauty Gurus of the month then let our talent coordinator know by emailing and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! Please keep it in mind that any person who leaves negative, unpleasant and unnecessarily rude or derogative comments will be removed and banned from this site permanently. We will ONLY approve comments that are constructive to the contestants. Let’s just keep this voting poll fair and fun!

1. Amanda (US)


Amanda is a senior at The University of Tennessee Majoring in Political Science and Business Administration. While foreign policy is her forte, makeup is her passion – she loves the excitement it brings to her life. The thrill of new products, colours, and collections help her to create various looks and change the whole image of a face. What started her YouTube journey was when she decided to try her first liquid foundation. She didn’t know you could use a liquid foundation with a brush because she thought they were heavy and “cakey” on the face. Little did she know that there was a whole world of BB creams, foundations, and tinted moisturizers out there. She googled “best foundations” and discovered the beauty community on YouTube. She then started recording on her MacBook because she had become obsessed with looking up reviews on products. Next thing you know she was looking for the best eye shadow, concealer, eyeliner etc. … and the rest you can say is history. She has learned so much from other YouTube beauty gurus and she never thought she would be where she is today. She is hoping to work for a beauty company in marketing or product development upon graduation this May.

YouTube Channel:

2. Lindsay Marciniak (Canada)


Lindsay hails from Ontario Canada. She is currently 24 years old and she has an intense passion for makeup. Her makeup obsession started when she was just a little girl, watching her mother put on makeup in her bathroom. Her passion for makeup continued through to high school but really peaked when she discovered the beauty community on YouTube. Once she watched her first makeup related video she was hooked! All she does in her spare time is watch videos on YouTube that are related to makeup, research new makeup techniques and shop for the latest makeup products. Her personal collection has increased dramatically and she has done some freelance work for friends and family. She is hoping to get her makeup artist license in the fall to further pursue her passion for makeup. Some people think that a career in makeup is frivolous, but she truly believes that if you have a passion for something then you can create a career out of it as long as you’re willing to work hard anything is possible.

YouTube Link:

3. Jill B (US)


Jill B is a beauty obsessed mommy and wife who loves making YouTube videos. She prides herself in being 100% honest in all of her reviews. She also loves doing tutorials and hauls as well.

YouTube Link:

4. Tina Daffon (US)


Tina was born and raised in the Bay Area. She started her blog and YouTube channel (OfficialStinaD) over a year ago and was overwhelmed with the support she has received so far. She loves sharing her makeup experience with everyone from tips and tricks to products she loves and hates. Makeup helps her express herself in a creative outlet and most of all she has fun doing it. After getting all the love and support from family and friends she finally made the leap into doing Freelance Makeup on the side. She loves meeting new people and learning something new with every gig. After years of experimenting with makeup she has learned to embrace beauty and never mask it.

YouTube Link:

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  1. Lindsay you make a fellow Canadian proud! And Dukie is cute too. Thanks for the latest on your channel, it was fun. Lots of luck to you in this contest and your career!

  2. I gotta say I know a lot of comments here refer to inner beauty and great personality but come on you gotta admit Lindsay is real easy on the eyes. Great smile awesome eyes. As a guy I’m going to come out and say that first impressions count.

  3. I’m on Team Lindsay! Lindsay I LOVE your channel and whether or not you have the perfect teeth, the skin, the hair, whatever, what really matters is that you reach out to people because you’re YOU. I think you will go far in this industry.

  4. I have to say that each of these ladies are beautiful in their own way but I didn’t really think this was just a beauty contest, that’s a little shallow — it should be more than just that. LINDSAY you have my support as I think your work shows intelligence, humour and kindness.

  5. I absolutely LOVE Amanda’s videos. I was never been a very big makeup person, mainly because I never realized what a difference products and application techniques could make! Watching Amanda’s videos have really helped me realize how I can make the most out of my products. She breaks everything down in a clear, easy to follow way that leaves beginners like me with the ability to achieve different looks that I never thought possible! I also appreciate how she reviews products in all price ranges, and gives her honest opinion on when it’s worth it to spend a little more, and when you get can just as good of a product from a cheaper brand. She’s so sweet and takes time to answer questions and incorporate people’s feedback to her videos, and you can tell she really cares! I think she would be a great feature, as she has everything you look for in a beauty guru- she’s very smart, kind, and extremely talented! Good luck to all the ladies, but my vote is definitely for Amanda!

  6. All the girls have nice skin I’m sure but true beauty goes beyond that. Watching a few of each of the videos done by each girl I thought Lindsay`s inner beauty shone through. Lindsay you`re a doll!

  7. Regardless of who has the best skin I agree with one of the other comments here. It’s about the whole package and Lindsay is my choice.

  8. Lindsay also has beautiful skin! Her picture doesn’t do her justice. She has porcelain skin as well.

  9. A shout out to Lindsay from your fans in Kentucky. Thanks for being real down to earth with your beauty advice.

  10. My vote is based on the overall package….personality,product knowledge, great makeup advice. Who has the whitest teeth is noy really a deciding factor. Best wishes to all four ladies. In our office here opinion is split between Lindsay and Jill.

  11. Ok I am just an average working girl, I don’t have a lot of time and I’m not looking for perfection. I’m looking for someone that can give me some great, common sense advice. I don’t have tons of time or money and I appreciate the fact that what I’ve seen of Lindsay’s videos is that she can provide some great make up tips and really helpful opinions about products out there which saves me from wasting my money and time! And I can have a few laughs along the way as she is sweet and funny. Not only that but if I’ve asked for clarification, it’s almost like having a friend providing friendly answers. I guess I am looking at the whole package – the videos, her nice personality, her knowledge and makup talents, and yeah she’s nice looking too. I can relate to Lindsay and I think that would be great for the feature because most of us that will be reading it are probably average girls who just want to look their best! Good luck to all four girls but……….GO LINDSAY!

  12. Do people really not clearly see the winner should be Amanda….porcelin skin, completey evenly toned face, white teeth, and more natural looking make up. I dont care “whose channel is better”, it is about who is doing their make up better. Go Amanda!

  13. Everyone’s videos are great but I like Lindsay’s Halloween Barbie too – I wasn’t voting for Lindsay at first but I switched as I really like the variety in her videos.

  14. Go Lindsay Go! Love the Beachy Waves video (with the puppy, I finally found the one that everyone’s been talking about!) You go girlfriend!

  15. I am obsessed with Lindsay’s videos.She is super friendly and always responds quickly with advice and encouragement. Lindsay truly wants people to be happy with themselves and is doing it through her work.. Even though I don’t know her she has taken personal interest in answering my questions and I see this in her comments to others as well. How nice is that?

  16. Congratulations to all the girls but my vote is for Lindsay. I enjoy the videos and they are informative.

  17. Keep on voting for Lindsay! She would be an awesome beautu guru as she already does well on you tube.

  18. If Lindsay is any indication of the girls up in Canada then I might just move there! Good luck Lindsay

  19. Lindsay, way to go. If you are any indication of what the girls are like in Canada, I think I’m going to move up there!

  20. Hey Star Central Magazine – how about a double feature this time – both Lindsay and Amanda seem to be doing well and that would really spice things up!

  21. Hey Star Central Magazine – how about a double feature with Lindsay AND Amanda – Canadian vs. American, Blond vs Brunette. Spice it up!

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