Beauty Gurus Of The Year – December 2016 Edition

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1. Alexandra Beuter (US)


Alexandra Beuter is a beauty, lifestyle, and D.I.Y. YouTuber. She shares fun and upbeat content that inspires her viewers’ everyday lives. Her videos range from her current favourite products, to hair tutorials, and most recently, home decor projects. She also has a blog called, where she shares styles, recipes, and more. Alexandra thinks of her blog as an extension of her channel, and a place to share even more amazing content with her viewers. You can find her on her channel, blog, or Instagram at @alexandrabeuter.


2.  Shreeja Bagwe (India)


Shreeja Bagwe hails from Mumbai, India and by profession she’s a Fashion Stylist. She makes DIY’S, makeup tutorials and tips, hacks, hauls, hair tutorials and tips, look books and fashion videos.  She also does skincare tutorials and everything beauty related because she loves to try new things.

YouTube :

3. Millie Truong (US)


Millie Truong is a British girl adventuring in America who is obsessed with the beauty world that consists of makeup, fashion, and lifestyle. She loves to connect with her supporters through her Instagram @millie_truong while sharing her adventures and experiences such as winning the It Cosmetics “It Girl” contest in 2015, which granted her the opportunity to make her very own highlighter, “Millennium Rose” (expected to release soon).

YouTube :

4. Kelly Gooch (US)


Kelly Gooch’s channel is her outlet to share everything that she’s passionate about. She obsesses over makeup, hair, fashion and DIY projects and she loves sharing these things with her subscribers. She uploads new videos twice a week every Wednesdays and Sundays at 9am eastern time.

YouTube :

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