Blogger Of The Year for 2012!

“My children are the best of my life.  They deserve a mother who is worthy of their greatness.  I am determined to be just that.” Yvonne Larkins, aka Livonne, has certainly made a major step towards that goal by being voted as StarCentral Magazine’s Blogger of the Year for 2012!  Her blog, ‘Livonne – on Life, Love, Loss, Laughter and Larrikins,’ is a generally upbeat compendium of “…my view on the world, from what is happening nationally & internationally to what goes on in my own little world… more than anything, it’s just me writing about my life, past, present and future….”  But while the blog itself is lighthearted in nature, it does at times deal with some painful subjects such as “…grief, violence and depression…”  3 subjects that Livonne has intimate knowledge of and her survival of the circumstances that resulted in that knowledge is nothing short of heroic.


No parent should have to bury their child.  17 years ago, Livonne had to endure that heartbreaking task when an inadequate system failed to protect her and her three children.  She lost her daughter, Aimee at just 10 years old.  That loss was the catalyst for the 51-year old’s decision to write about Aimee and “…the years of hell we lived through… it was to be cathartic, just for me”  But writing the book proved to be incredibly difficult.  Hence, her blog was born.  “I thought a blog might get me into the habit of writing so it would make the book easier…when I am dealing with the harder subjects, they seem to be less overwhelming …”


Launching the blog in October 2012, little did the Katoomba, Blue Mountains resident know about the kind of impact it would have.  People are “…resonating with the subject matter…” and sometimes knowing that her readers are affected by what she writes about is “…overwhelming…but so, so important to me…” While she is constantly spurred on by their support, those of her two sons, Lachlan and Stuart (“…they are just the most amazing young men…”), her family (“…a huge, mad, crazy group of people…”) and the memory of her mother and her Irish grandmother, it is still Aimee that inspires every word she writes.


The multi-talented Australian (she is a small business owner, photographer, DIY crafter, singer and social butterfly) still plans to complete her book while maintaining her blog and crossing a few things off her bucket list.  Overcoming tragedy has infused Livonne with a love for her life (“…Life brings no guarantees…You have to make the moments that matter REALLY matter…) and a passion to make sure that her daughter can still make a mark on this world.  Livonne, by being the mother and the woman that she is, may have already done just that.

‘Livonne – on Life, Loss, Love, Laughter & Larrikins’ –

Livonne’s small business: ‘Memories Livonne’ –

  1. Livonne is a wonderfully, talented,loyal and giving lady. Her humour is delightful, and she gives support and inspiriation to many of us who have also been affected by trauma in our lives. I am so proud to call her a friend and thrilled with this well deserved honour that’s been given to her. Love ya Livs. xx

  2. Livvy, we have known each other for many years now, and i dont think either one of us knew what lay ahead for you just beyond the rainbow.
    Congratulations for a job well done, you can now get on with life and enjoy it for what it is truly meant to be. Yours 🙂


  3. Congrats Yvonne, well deserved. I thoroughly enjoy your blog, your humour, honesty and openness about so many issues makes the read entertaining, insightful and i find myself reflective of my own journey. Thank you and well done. xxxx

  4. Thoroughly deserved honour my dear. Your blogs, wether sad, funny, thought provoking or just plain non-sensical are always a great read. And knowing you as I do makes it that more enjoyable. Now for this year’s topic …. how about revisiting the Yaya meets Wawa tour???? Now THAT was a good read !!!

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