Blogger of the Month for May 2013!

“I love telling stories and making people laugh, I’m the first person to make fun of myself at any chance…” Her self-deprecating humour and “…crazily random love life…” has turned out to be a winning formula for Keira Rae “Lala” Hocking, StarCentral Magazine’s Blogger of the Month for May 2013.


Writing has always been a part of Lala’s life.  But at the urging of her “raddest mates”, to do “something” with her writing, Lala created her blog, ‘Last Daze’ which, by her own description, “…bluntly shares the tragically hilarious stories of single life, fashion, friends and everything you stumble across in between.”  Just like the famous Carrie Bradshaw of ‘Sex and the City’, Lala is “blessed” with a group of “amazing” friends who are not just supportive, but have no objections in being source material for their friend’s articles!


‘Last Daze’ was launched in December 2012 and within a couple of months, already had over 1,000 followers!  Readily admitting that her love life resembles a “…never ending episode of ‘Punk’d’…”, Keira Rae realized that it was the perfect subject for a blog.  “…I write about what I know, and for the good or bad, I know a lot about the dating world, it’s like my second home…ups and downs happen on that journey to happily ever after, it just so happens the journey through LaLa Land is an awkwardly hilarious one…”  She was even asked by one young man during their date if he was going to make it onto her blog, “…and he did but probably not for the positive reasons he thought he would be mentioned…”


Creating the blog has brought many surprises to Keira Rae’s life, not the least of which is that she has a loyal following – “…I’m still kinda in shock that people are reading it, let alone enjoying and supporting it the way that they have so far…”  She also enjoys the fact that her blog makes people laugh – “…when I get emails from people I’ll never meet saying how each week without fail they are in fits of laughter, it really is the best part for me…”  Writing her blog has also enabled Lala to meet “…many interesting creatively talented people…” such as the designers behind Australian fashion label, ‘Elliot Label’ and ‘The Wave Crew’, “…a non-profit surf community that I am involved with. I’m excited for these relationships to keep going from strength to strength. Watch this space!”

As the popularity of her blog increases, Keira Rae has had to learn that even though she writes of her own and of her friends’ real-life experiences, there are things she now keeps “…out of the public eye…” and to “…not flaunt on any social media…some things are better left in the dark…”  The support of her family (“…I am very lucky and love them with my all…”) has been invaluable through her journey and their support will be even more essential as Keira Rae has big plans for the future.  These include collaborations with other publications, brands and other media outlets.  She also has a wish list of publications “…I would love to work with so it’s all about getting out there and making things happen…” and again, just like Carrie Bradshaw, a book is in the works.  “…hopefully one day Last Daze Blog and my other writing adventures will lead to the book being published. Who knows, anything can happen in Lala Land!”



1.            Complete this sentence: “If I had no fear, I’d…” “…wake up with more hangovers”

2.            Best comfort food: “Lindt Chilli Chocolate, it actually makes the world a better place”

3.            Best pick-me-up: “My pals, some vodka and rad tunes”

4.            Music I’m listening to right now: “Right now ‘The Sounds’ are playing in the background”

5.            Last good movie I’ve seen: ““I Love You Man” rarely leaves my DVD player, I still laugh just as hard as when I first saw it at the movies and my sister had to move seats because she was so embarrassed.”

‘Last Daze’ Blog:

Photos by: Sara Helou

  1. We all get together Monday nights and have a Monday session, then when 9pm hits one of us reads the latest “daze” to the group. We are all in fits of laughter each week! We love lala!!

  2. LOVE LALA!! She’s the Australian Carrie Bradshaw!! 9pm Monday doesn’t come quick enough!

  3. I hang out for every Monday night to read ‘Lala’s’ blog and actually stare at my watch for it to turn 9pm. She is funny and witty to boot! Keep em coming LaLa! Two thumbs up!!!!!!

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