Conor McGregor Just Celebrated His 32nd Birthday With A $620k ‘Casino’ Watch. Yes, You Read Right.

While most people go to a nice restaurant and buy a couple of nice shirts to celebrate their birthday, it’s quite different if you’re Conor McGregor who’s got millions in his bank account.

Conor McGregor’s gift for himself to celebrate his 32nd birthday is one of the most epic watches EVER – it’s called the Astronomia Casino created by Jacob & Co. and according to TMZ, it’s worth a whopping $620,000… Yes, you read that correctly!

Screenshot from Conor’s Instagram

So, what makes this watch so special?? Well, the watch looks like a roulette table with a functioning wheel. There’s also a globe-shaped ceramic ball and a 1-carat Jacob-cut white diamond which rotates all the time so it’s pretty damn cool. And oh, by the way, the strap is made from ALLIGATOR skin with an 18k rose gold folding buckle so the whole thing is perfect if you’re a high roller like Connor.

Happy birthday Conor and more power to you. Here’s a closer look at the epic watch courtesy of

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