Meet StarCentral Media Group’s Movers & Shakers For September 2020

A lot has happened in the world this year especially because of the rapid and catastrophic impact on the economy created by COVID-19. While the healthcare, transport, and warehousing world continued to experience a huge uptick, sectors like hospitality, air travel and tourism, creative arts and entertainment, and sports and recreation struggled. But through it all, there were a few entrepreneurs and artists that managed to stay on top of people’s minds.

Let’s take a look at the movers and shakers that rocked their way in 2020.

Rafah Hanna is the entrepreneur behind the cover of Global Millionaire magazine (September 2020 issue)

A veteran entrepreneur, Rafah Hanna specializes in financial technology, property, and security. Having built, run, and managed financial technology and information businesses with the likes of the London Stock Exchange Group, the New York Stock Exchange, Euronext, and Deloitte, Hanna has built a strong reputation for delivery, execution, and market knowledge, creating an extensive network of contacts across various financial and data industries.

You can read all about Rafah by simply clicking this link: Rafah Hanna

Dr. Mahtab Hanna is the woman behind the cover of Sassy & Co magazine (September 2020 issue)

Dr. Mahtab Hanna is an award-winning British jewellery artist and designer-maker with a Persian heritage, whose designs are radically different from others – the cross-pollinating of Eastern and Western history, culture, religion, character, thoughts, and politics play a large part in the inspiration process leading to her creations. Whether its unique pieces or a limited edition series of work, her quest is to define within those pieces what she is aiming for, what the client is trying to communicate, and the reason behind each design. Some of her specialties include fine and contemporary jewellery, sculpture, and body adornment.

You can read all about Dr. Mahtab by simply clicking this link: Dr. Mahtab Hanna

Marc Marut is the artist behind the cover of StarCentral US (September 2020 issue)

Marc Marut, the talented, brilliant, and jovial musician/songwriter has established himself as one of the hardest-working entertainers with his new song “F*ck You COVID-19” as well as a music video uniting his friends and fans from all over the world as they rock out to his catchy song.

You can read all about Marc by simply clicking this link: Marc Marut

Pauliina Stranius is the influencer behind the cover of StarCentral Europe (September 2020 issue)

Pauliina Stranius is a prominent social media influencer and travel blogger who is originally from Finland but currently based in Spain. Her main goal in life is to inspire and encourage people to live the life of their dreams and she does this by sharing her travel experiences and her sense of style, as well as giving people a sneak peek into her healthy lifestyle.

You can read all about Pauliina by simply clicking this link: Pauliina Stranius

Guruji Shrii Arnav is the entrepreneur behind the cover of MoneyCentral Magazine (September 2020 issue)

Guruji Shrii Arnav is someone who conducts meditations in ochre robes with as much as ease with which he makes his way in a boardroom, sporting a Zegna suit. Sought after by global tycoons, world leaders, life coaches, celebs, key decision-makers, and also the normal folks in day to day life for his guidance and wisdom, Guruji’s life is a shining example of serving with humility and wielding success with compassion.

You can read all about Guruji Shrii Arnav by simply clicking this link: Guruji Shrii Arnav

Chris Cebollero is the entrepreneur behind the cover of InLife International magazine (September 2020 issue)

Chris Cebollero is an internationally recognized leadership expert, bestselling author, Emergency Medical Services leader, and advocate who’s passionate about helping people chart a new direction, even in the midst of the most challenging of situations. His professional history is showered with process improvement know-how. He brings success and his career has been defined by slashing costs and exploding growth in the healthcare arena. In fact, he constructed his healthcare management and small business consulting firm on that foundation.

You can read all about Chris by simply clicking this link: Chris Cebollero

Beth Walkemeyer is the model behind the cover of StarCentral Australia (September 2020 issue)

Beth Walkemeyer is a full-time freelance model and traveler for the past two years. Her love for the ocean, surfing, and daily adventures are what got her into swimwear modelling and now she’s spreading her wings and making her way into the fashion and commercial world.

You can read all about Beth by simply clicking this link: Beth Walkemeyer

Halston Dare is the rising star behind the cover of StarCentral UK (September 2020 issue)

Singer/songwriter Halston Dare recently launched her highly anticipated lyric style music video release for the breakup anthem “Replace You,” which received over 200,000 streams on Spotify within only a few weeks of its release. “Replace You” was inspired by Halston Dare’s own experience with realizing her self worth. In an argument with her now ex-boyfriend, she realized that the way he was belittling her was not something she deserved and no longer wanted to put up with it. The next day, she made a comment about how he thinks he’s “irreplaceable” and at that moment, Halston knew she had to write a song to replace him.

You can read all about Halston by simply clicking this link: Halston Dare

Valeria Sizova is the model behind the cover of GEQ Magazine (September 2020 issue)

Valeria Sizova’s appeal is definitely in her stunning features and smoking hot physique. She’s a beauty queen, a model, a dancer, and a choreographer who’s based in Sydney, Australia – she’s also an entrepreneur who owns a dance and entertainment company called ICrave Dance & Entertainment. She has placed in several beauty pageants and in fact, some of her titles include Miss Russia Australia 2017, Miss NSW Face of Origin 2017, Miss Swimsuit Australia 2018, second place in the world for Miss All Nations which was held in China and she is currently the reigning Miss Multiverse Russia 2020.

You can read all about Valeria by simply clicking this link: Valeria Sizova

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