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To celebrate the release of the first issue of StarCentral Magazine in 2023, we once again interviewed the mentor of mentors and guru of gurus – the revered and beloved Guruji Shrii Arnav to find out his thoughts on entrepreneurship in 2023.

Winner of the prestigious Global Business Leader award for 2022 by Economic Times (India’s Largest Business Newspaper), we are privileged to once again hear from the inspirational mentor who has been transforming lives and businesses all over the globe.

Happy New Year, Guruji! Can you tell us what your life was like before starting your business?

Happy New Year to all the readers of StarCentral; thank you for having me.

My earlier years profoundly impacted me as they were anything but conventional.

Due to certain circumstances, I used to accompany my father, the medical superintendent of Central Jail Ajmer (Rajasthan-India).

From 3-7 years old, my companions were prisoners and the police and their families, so I did not have to pretend to play the mock-up cops and robbers game because I experienced being around cops and robbers in real life.

The experiences from those years shaped my personality, and I am thankful because my so-called “hardcore experiences” back then helped me see life situations in a far neutral and sensitive way. That is invaluable if I may say so.

The Grandmaster Guruji Shrii Arnav gave New Year Greetings and World Predictions at the Iconic India Gate- the National War Memorial

2022 was a challenging time for the Gemstone industry due to the COVID aftermath. How did Gemstoneuniverse survive?
There is no easy or short answer to this question, but if I was to answer it in two words – It would be people and relationships over commerce.

During the stressful Covid time, I made it a point to stick with brothers and sisters who needed the most help.

For example, in Sri Lanka, even the so-called Multi-Millionaires in the Gem Industry were strapped for cash with severe liquidity issues.

Some did not even have the funds for medical treatment. In all this, we promised that come what may; we will help our colleagues for at least six months.

I am thankful that I received support from the Gem community worldwide and that we were able to help each other.

Three decades of quality relationships stood the test of time, and thankfully, we were still able to produce reasonably positive outcomes.

People and relationships are the most important assets in life and business, and every individual should focus on them as a priority.

The master deliberates with the delegates of Rangsit University

What event in your life made you decide that you were going to be an entrepreneur?

There comes a time in an individual’s life when they realize that their activity can positively impact and economically empower many people.

That realization is very empowering, especially when you contribute to a fellow man’s life. There are so many events in a man’s life, so it would be very difficult to pick a single event, but when people who range from taxi drivers to airline CEOs tell us how we were able to change their lives – doing business seems the most obvious choice. I believe the world is one true family.

The Humans Of Gemstoneuniverse recognizes that every one of our clients is a star, and we give everyone a chance to be inspired.

The Humans of Gemstoneuniverse program, with its meditations and spiritual activities, has become a rage with followers ranging from superstars to athletes. Please tell us more about it and the SEG Sigma mentioned in the hush tones on the underground Internet and elite forums.

Well, it is quite simple and self-explanatory and is made up of 2 words: Humans and Gemstoneuniverse. A Human is called a Gem when he/she has some rare stellar quality that is rare and makes one admirable and appreciated.

We believe that every single human has at least one such sterling quality, and with that, it enriches the universe.

Many such Gems interact with each other, share their expertise, and learn and practice together. The result: they all grow at the speed of light.

I was pleasantly surprised that people as far as Russia and Norway are translating and doing our meditations.

When a world record athlete comes and shares a tip of their life with other Gems – you are definitely getting pure Gold.

As far as the SEG Sigma goes, it is one of my most elite mentorship groups that I call the “Group of Death.”

Only the very best with high tolerance to pain makes it to the group and graduates.

I want to state that this group is not advertised. It is by invitation only and by reference group, so any queries like price, how to join, etc., will remain unanswered.

They say, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears,” and so is the case here.

What were the “big wins” early on that made you realize “this really is going to work?”

I hopped onto the Internet in 1995 on a dial-up connection and made my full-fledged website in 1996. At that time, nobody knew buzzwords Like Ecommerce and Artificial Intelligence. Yet people already trusted us, so they were comfortable transacting with us.

And that is huge because the kind of people who were on the Internet between 1995-2000 were early adopters, the cream of the crop.

Getting connected to that network was a huge win compared to today, where the Internet has become an ubiquitous everyday reality.

Imagine being on Yahoo’s Stress Management Panel in 1996 and interacting with the cream of the crop in the intelligentsia. All those people were major motivators.

On the flip side, what events happened when you weren’t sure if the business would survive, but you figured out a way to pull through?

To be frank, none. An Indian Poet Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachhan, says: “If things happen as per one’s desire, it is very good, but if they don’t, then it is excellent for that is done and designed by the Almighty.”

If you look at situations fairly neutrally, they do not appear as problems. They appear as situations, and when you are not emotionally linked to them, you can adapt, navigate and course correct.

Think about it, the early men were navigating forests and had dinosaurs and saber tigers for company, so we are in a much better place, aren’t we?

There is ALWAYS a WAY.

A Live Session of Humans of Gemstoneuniverse

What makes your business stand out from your competitors?

People, people, people. The entire Gemstoneuniverse ecosystem is people-oriented with their best interests at heart. We are blessed to have fairly honest and incredibly talented people in different roles, including employees, clients, stakeholders, vendors, etc.

You know you are doing a good job when an elderly person who was a one-time client occasionally comes to have tea on your business premises because he thinks the tea is the best and the ambiance adds to it.

We have no fake accented “How may I help you” at Gemstoneuniverse. We are driven by our motto of “Deo Amabiles Et Hominibus” – Pleasing to God and Men, and that has stood the test of time.

You and the Gemstoneuniverse Foundation won coveted recognitions for your social work in Thailand, which is game-changing! How do you feel about it?

It is very humbling. To contribute and be globally acknowledged for it is like the icing on the cake.

We should all be inspired by and practice the Thai mentality and value of serving and doing something for the community, not just living to feed one’s stomach.

Last week, some nice folks organised a charity for the poor people in the Chiang Mai District.

Yes, the food and clothes were donated, but it was astonishing to see that each person who received a donation bought one food item or cloth to contribute, and all of them had a feast and celebrated life with song, dance, and performances.

None of this was pre-planned. I am thankful for my Thai friends who do all this and give credit to me and that the Gemstoneuniverse foundation can contribute a bit – this gives me immense satisfaction.

I am thankful that we are a socially conscious movement and not just some stone shop offering discounts.

What motivates you daily?

A few months ago, A gentleman walked up to me at Peninsula Hotel and told me how my Facebook post prevented him from committing last-minute suicide.

He is not actually part of my network. Some of his acquaintances liked my post, and that’s how my posts came into his feed.

During our conversation, he said: Guruji, we are scared because artificial people are trying to look calm yet in control. Even though we may not like, share, or comment on your post publicly, please continue writing.

At least seven people from my group discuss your contemplations, so please continue writing.

Based on this, what more motivation does one need, right?

Even if at least one man is impacted positively by what I do – it is still worthwhile.

My philosophy is one day at a time and one person at a time.

Revered Guruji Shrii Arnav with Members of the Gemstoneuniverse Bangalore Core Team


What big goals do you have for this business for the next 3-10 years?

We are going to be the biggest problem-solving Universal Ecosystem. Whether it is going to be through Astrology, Mentorship, Stem Cells, Gemart, Gemverse, Herbs, or anything on planet earth, we are going to be the De Facto Standard and intend to provide the best.

God has created a solution for everything; it just needs channelling of the right people and the right thoughts.

What’s your top 3 advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners?

1) People are everything: Build and serve people with grace and trust; you will never have a spare minute.

2) Always give more than you take: Besides making money and accumulating assets – some components should also be donated for social service.

3) Be future-ready by building products and services that people will need: So, you need to start with prioritization.

Revered Guruji Interacting with the Students of Wat Sai School

What is your opinion regarding the search engine wars and the rise of Artificial Intelligence?

I don’t know, and I don’t care.

People are everything; people make everything, so people will decide whether to take it or leave it. This topic has no impact except crowding your already overcrowded feed.

How do you want to impact the world, and what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

I am a creation of God trying to be Human. At every step, I try my very best to be Human, whom God created in his own image. Legacy-wise, I would like to be known as a doer who empowers other humans.

Thank you, Guruji, for your time. We hope you have a great 2023 and continue enriching us with your thoughts, contemplations, and game-changing advice.

Thank you as well and ABSOLUTELY. We wish all dear StarCentral readers a very Happy and Healthy New Year 2023.

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