Meet Kendra Rowe: The Fashion Sensation Taking the World by Storm with her Global Fashion Empire!

Kendra Rowe, known as the “Queen of the Fashion Hauls,” has taken the world by storm with her captivating content and massive social media following. After amassing nearly 900,000 followers and garnering over 72 million views across her various platforms, Kendra is ready to elevate her empire on a global scale. Not only has she built a thriving career from scratch, but she also uses her influential platform to discuss significant topics such as body positivity and women’s empowerment.

From a young age, Kendra exhibited a passion for the arts, honing her skills as a dancer for 11 years and mastering various genres, including ballet, jazz, tap, and contemporary. Growing up in the digital age, she embraced social media and its potential, which eventually led to her becoming a content creator at the age of 18. Four years ago, Kendra embarked on a rebranding journey, breaking away from an agency that limited her creative control. With her sights set on the future, she launched her highly successful YouTube channel, offering her dedicated subscribers an intimate glimpse into her life.

Kendra’s channel covers a wide range of engaging content, including travel vlogs and her immensely popular fashion haul videos. Collaborating with renowned brands such as Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, DOLLSKILL, and VITAE, she shares honest reviews, style tips, and empowering messages. Recently, Kendra has focused on highlighting lingerie, championing women’s empowerment, and encouraging body confidence for individuals of all shapes and sizes. Her infectious videos have garnered an impressive 72+ million views on YouTube alone.

Born and raised in Calgary, Canada, Kendra continues to embrace her love for exploration and learning about different cultures. When she’s not curating her fashionista image or trying on various styles, she can be found gaming, and spending quality time with her loved ones, including her mother, her cat Zena, and her dog Milo. Most recently, Kendra embarked on a two-and-a-half-month journey throughout Bali and Thailand, immersing herself in new experiences and expanding her worldview.

Looking ahead, Kendra is actively planning to expand her presence on YouTube, brainstorming diverse content ideas to complement her renowned try-on hauls. Her upcoming ventures include exploring gaming content, vlogging, and more, as she aims to connect with her audience on a deeper level.

Kendra Rowe embodies the spirit of a rising star, captivating her viewers with her genuine charm, relatability, and passion for all things fashion, lifestyle, travel, beauty, and everyday life. As she embarks on her global expansion, Kendra continues to inspire and empower her ever-growing fan base, cementing her position as a sought-after influencer and an embodiment of the “Everyday best friend.”

StarCentral Magazine recently grabbed an exclusive chat with Kendra Rowe and here’s the inside scoop on her industry journey:

Can you tell us more about yourself? How did you get started as an influencer?

Of course! I got my start in influencing on Youtube back in November 2018. I created fashion try-on videos, and people really liked them! From there, my Instagram took off as well, and I’ve been able to maintain both platforms ever since. I’m a born and raised Canadian with a passion for creating fashion content. I’m super grateful I’ve been able to continue growing and creating my influencer dream through my platforms.

 How did you develop an interest in fashion, and what drove you to pursue that passion on social media?

Growing up, I was obsessed with watching other creators on Youtube do unboxing videos, try-ons, beauty, all of it! When I finally decided to start posting on social media, I decided to give try-on hauls a go. I would say at the beginning I wasn’t super passionate about fashion, but being in the industry I’ve developed such a love for it. There are so many different ways to express yourself through your clothing style. It’s so beautiful and I love sharing my favs on socials.

What do you like most about being an influencer?

I love the support I’ve received from my followers. It’s so amazing to receive such positive feedback on my content. I’ve also been able to work with my dream brands as well as attend events curated by them. My life feels like a dream. I’m able to wake up, create content, and have freedom in my life. I love the opportunities I’ve been given through being an influencer.

In what way has social media changed your life?

Social media took me from an unknown path in my life to the certainty I had a career. When I started doing social media, I was in university, working two jobs trying to figure my life out. Being able to have multiple platforms has taken me from a science university major to living my dream life. I have the freedom to travel, I’m able to help those around me, and most importantly, I have peace.

What are some of the difficulties of being in the industry?

I would say that although the industry has stability, it’s quickly changing. As a creator, you have to be on top of trends and know what’s going on in the social media space in order to stay on top. Lots of things aren’t certain in this kind of world, so it’s important to stay informed on what’s trending and what’s not. Another thing I struggle with is balancing work and my personal life. It can be hard disconnecting from social media because it’s always there. It’s important to take time away and focus on yourself!

 How does your thought process differ when creating content for Instagram versus content for YouTube?

Although a lot of my audience follows my Youtube and my Instagram, I try to keep my Youtube more fashion related and my Instagram more personal to who I am as a person. When creating content for Youtube, I know I’m going in high energy to really showcase how excited I am about a new haul or style. When creating for Instagram, I can be more relaxed as the content is pictures or videos where I don’t have to talk. Although my platforms share the same goal, creating Instagram content is easier and requires less planning than Youtube does!

If someone is going to make your life into a movie, who would play you?

I mean, if it wasn’t me starring in it, I would recommend Sydney Sweeney to the casting director. Ever since she made her debut, I have been obsessed!

What are your future plans? Inside your career or out of it.

One thing I’m shifting my energy toward is acting. I’m currently in the works of training and working on auditions, which is super exciting! I’d also love to get into more modelling, particularly lifestyle and commercials. I hope to keep growing on social media, keep creating content, and keep receiving love and support in whatever I plan to do.

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