Inside the Glam World of Mirta Miler: From Croatian Content Creator to Global Beauty Sensation

Mirta Miler, a TikTok beauty sensation with a massive following of 17+ million, has mastered the art of going viral on the popular platform. Featured in renowned publications like GLAMOUR and ALLURE, Miler has carved her niche with authentic product reviews, trend identification, valuable content, and playful editing techniques, including emojis, captions, sound effects, and humorous zoom-ins on her face.

Known for her diverse content, Miler shares hair tutorials, contouring tips, engaging Get Ready With Me videos, and actively participates in viral trends and techniques. What began as a casual sharing of her hobby on TikTok in 2019 catapulted the 26-year-old Croatian into internet stardom. Now a central figure on BeautyTok, Miler has amassed a community of over 17 million followers and an astounding 1 billion combined likes on her one-minute videos. Her influence extends to collaborations with major brands such as L’Oreal, Nivea, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Freck Beauty, Sheglam, Wet n’ Wild, Beauty Blender, and Fashion Nova, solidifying her status as a respected beauty influencer.

StarCentral Magazine recently had a conversation with Mirta, delving into her experiences in the industry. Here’s a glimpse into what unfolded:

1. Congratulations on amassing over 17 million followers on TikTok! What inspired you to start sharing beauty content on this platform, and how did you initially navigate your way into the world of BeautyTok?

Thank you so much! I have always loved makeup and playing around with different looks since I was a kid. I can thank my mom for buying me a lot of makeup, at what some would call an inappropriate age for a child to wear makeup, but she knew I did it because I really enjoyed painting my face, and that was my way to express myself.

I never imagined this could be my career. I have always dreamt of being confident enough to film videos because I always had a passion for makeup and beauty, but I have always been hesitant about it and a little bit shy in front of the camera. At approximately 21, I decided life was too short, and I was going to film videos, no matter who watched them or what they thought of me. After work and college lectures, I started filming for fun and as a hobby.

After some time, my content started picking up, and people started to notice me, which inspired me to film more. After a couple of months, the views really took off, and I started filming every day, it only took a couple of brand deals for me to quit my corporate job and decide to risk it all and devote myself to filming content full time.

2. Your authentic product reviews, trend identification, and humorous editing techniques have contributed to your massive following. How do you decide which beauty products to review, and what strategies do you employ to keep your content both informative and entertaining?

I always follow the latest trends and makeup, and I consume a lot of beauty content myself. So really, I get inspired to try new products from other creators and people on TikTok and other platforms. If something is interesting to me, I’m probably going to order it myself and try it, sometimes it’s hard to be both informative and entertaining but after doing it for years now I think I kind of found a sweet spot for keeping people interested and also giving them a good product review.

3. Featured on GLAMOUR and ALLURE, your impact on the beauty community is undeniable. How do you balance staying true to your authentic self while also meeting the expectations of a wider audience and media outlets?

That is a great question! People don’t understand that sometimes it’s hard to be authentic to yourself and your personality and also think of this as a job and having the inspiration to film every day. It’s definitely a challenging thing, but I think if you’re really passionate about continual creating, you always kind of manage to find a sweet spot. I think authenticity is the strongest tool of every content creator, and I think that every person has a niche. There’s always going to be people who don’t like you and people who do, but if you stay true to yourself, your audience will find you.

4. Your content ranges from hair tutorials to contouring tricks and Get Ready With Me style videos. How do you decide on the topics for your videos, and are there specific aspects of beauty or makeup that you enjoy creating content about the most?

I think a lot of people don’t know this, but I could say I am sometimes more passionate about hair than I am about makeup. I really love changing my hair color and changing hairstyles. I think your hair is a very defining factor about you and your whole look. That’s why I really love creating hair content as well. Makeup content will forever be something I love doing, and the content I enjoy creating the most is kind of trying a new look or changing my aesthetic. I love the idea that you can be a different personality every day, so I love creating this type of content.

5. Building a community of 17 million followers is an incredible feat. How do you foster engagement within your community, and what role do your audience’s preferences play in shaping your content?

I really try to follow what my audience likes to watch for me, and sometimes I will film content. Then I know my followers will like more than the content I would like to film at the moment. You should always meet in the middle with your audience and never change your content too much. I always like to engage with people in the comments and the DM’s. I also like to take suggestions from my audience, who DM me different things to try, and yes, I do go through DM’s, and yes, I do listen to what people want to see. That’s very important for every content creator because you need to be in touch with your audience.

6. Your journey to internet fame began as a hobby. How has this unexpected fame changed your perspective on content creation, and what advice do you have for aspiring content creators who may be just starting on their platforms?

Since becoming a content creator, my views on content creators and the content itself have changed a lot because now I understand all the work that’s put in behind the cameras. The whole process of filming high-quality videos, and now my respect for certain content creators, has changed because knowing the back story of how things are done greatly changes your perspective. As for anything in life, I think you shouldn’t be too desperate or needy for it to happen. It’s something you deserve, something that is your right, and if it’s your pass, it will be yours. I got into this work not by wanting money, fame, or this lifestyle. I was just doing what I love and enjoying it, which was the pure emotion people felt when they watched my content. So I think you just need to be genuine, and if it’s something that is meant for you, people will see the positive energy you are bringing, and you will thrive as a content creator. What you need to do is put in a lot of work and determination and really focus on your goal. Even on the days when you don’t feel like it, even on the days when it’s hard, or when it takes a little bit more for you to get inspired, just push through those days because, in the end, the results may be life-changing. Always remember you will never regret trying.

7. Partnering with renowned brands like L’Oreal, Nivea, and Anastasia Beverly Hills is impressive. What criteria do you consider when collaborating with brands, and how do you ensure that these partnerships align with your values and the expectations of your audience?

I partner with brands I previously used, and I can guarantee. I don’t wanna take on partnerships with friends or something I’ve never tried before and can’t know the quality of. Because I think you can recommend a lot of stuff, but people will know when they try the products you recommend, and if they’re not as you promise, they will not trust you anymore. This is very important to me because that’s how I lost trust in a lot of content creators as a content consumer myself, so I always try to be honest with my audience and only take brand partnerships that align with my preferences.

8. As a central figure on BeautyTok, what do you think sets your content apart from others in the beauty and makeup niche on TikTok? How do you maintain uniqueness and stand out in a crowded space?

I think my niche is more personality centered than aesthetics, I think I gain my audience based on my personality and my sense of humor. So, I think what sets me apart is definitely my personality and the way I explain things in videos or interact with my audience. It’s very hard to maintain uniqueness in a crowded space like the beauty community because a lot of creators take on parts of the personality of content creators they have watched for years, and I have definitely seen that happen a lot in the past couple of years. I think staying true to myself is the best recipe for longevity.

9. With 1 BILLION combined likes on your short one-minute videos, you’ve certainly left a significant mark on TikTok. What are your future plans and aspirations within the beauty and content creation realm, and how do you see your platform evolving in the coming years?

I would definitely try to make my content a little bit more long-form because that has been my dream since I started my beauty journey, and I think that’s the future of my content. Lately, I have been really working on my YouTube channel (@Mimiermakeup1), and I think it has had a good amount of success, so I think that’s the direction I am trying to move in the coming years.

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