The BIG reason why Facebook is crucial to your business!

Let’s face it, if you’re not utilising social media to promote your business – then your marketing SUCKS plain and simple.

And when you mention the word social medial to anyone, I’m pretty sure that the first thing that will pop in their heads would be Facebook – the biggest social network in the planet! With over 600 million registered users – Facebook is definitely a force to be reckoned with when it comes to promoting a new or existing business.

Now let me introduce you to the most powerful opt-in in Facebook, the Facebook “like.”

Why is it so powerful?

Because if you post a photo of your business, update your status promoting your business or create a fan page of your business and it is “liked” by a lot of people, then your business has just received social validation.

Facebook “likes” reaches out to your existing and potential customers on a more personal level giving your business social credibility. Facebook can pretty much give people a friendly push to accept any of your special offers or come to any of your events.

So what’s the first step in using Facebook to promote your business?

First you have to create a Facebook fan page. Your main objective is to push your existing and potential customers to like your Facebook page so that your page can gain fans. Once they have liked your page, you can now use Facebook to reach out to them on a regular basis. This is a great marketing move because it’s fast and efficient, it’s not spammy nor annoying and most importantly, it’s very cost-effective.

Let me give you a quick scenario: Let’s say you end up stumbling upon a fan page for a new product or business, would you pay attention to this new product or business if ten or more of your friends actually “liked” it? Of course you would!

Now imagine seeing the more than 5,000 Facebook users “like” that new product or business, would you say that this provides credibility or validation to that business? Of course! Social proofing has become the latest trend in online marketing in this day and age.

The reality is; people usually tend to validate their decisions by asking their family, friends and people they know and whom they can trust. Facebook “likes” is the best way to gain social credibility that’s why it’s always advisable to create a new page if you’re launching a new business or a new product.

Here’s a good tip: You should always send a potential customer to your Facebook page first as oppose to sending them straight to your company website.


Because if they remain in Facebook they would feel more secure and relaxed – they’re in a friendly environment that they’re accustomed to. Therefore their resistance to any of your offers is much lower and they are more open to your new product or special deals.

Facebook is cleverly designed in such way that it’s not intrusive or invasive – there are no annoying pop-up ads that can slow down your computer, even though Facebook has ads, their ads are just on the side and very subtle so they don’t even feel like it’s ads.

Facebook also gives its users a feeling of security wherein they won’t have to worry about any viruses attacking their computer nor should they be worried about any offensive data or information appearing in their news feed because everyone knows for a fact that Facebook would ban anything that is inappropriate.

So if you’re looking for a cheap, effective and proven way to advertise your new business – then look no further than Facebook, the undisputed king of social networks!

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  1. Sounds like facebook social marketing VP himself wrote this article. at least could have mentioned G+ and other large sites. social marketing isn’t all about facebook.

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