5 Realistic Ways To Fund Your New Business


It’s a pretty big step and a much bigger investment. You are not just simply giving your time and effort into it but you would also need to use some cash to finance it.

If you have an idea and you believe it can be a great business, you would want to embark on it of course. But without the money, that would be hard if not impossible. Here are some tips for you to get the money that will finance your new business idea for it to start rolling.

Raise money through your friends and family

This is the most common way to raise the money you need for any start-up. But also remember that when you make your loved ones’ creditors, their financial future may be at risk as well as your relationship. Clarify to them what you need. Are you asking them to loan you money? Or are you asking for some equity? These matters should be clear from the very start. Financial projection should be in place as well. They need to see, that the chance of seeing their money back is greater than forever losing it. There are risks involved in running your own business and this should be emphasized when you hit it with them.

Try Crowdfunding

There are special platforms to use for crowdfunding. Here, you can spread the news about your new product or service and then you will have to wait for interested investors to come and see you for it. If the thing you are offering is really something interesting, then good investors will see that there is a future for it. You can make campaigns for your product on these platforms to spread awareness. KIckstarter.com is one of the most famous and effective sites for crowdfunding so that’s a resource you need to tap.

A loan from a bank

The standards of lending had become stricter as time goes by. But there are still those banks that lend funds for small businesses and start-ups. You can apply to any of them to start your business. Just make sure that you will keep up with your promise to the bank. Also, just make sure that you pay the bank back so that you won’t get a bad record which could affect your future request for any loans.

Pledge some percentage of your earnings in the future

You can borrow from people you know with the condition that you will pledge a portion of your earnings to them in the future. If you are confident with your capabilities and the product you are launching, then you could try this route.

Use your credit card

This is probably one of the riskiest ways of financing your business. For your repayments, once you fall behind, the chances would be something like having a whacked credit score. But this would only happen if you let it. You need to be responsible for your use and payment of credit card otherwise it could affect your credit rating and you won’t be able to borrow from the bank in the future.

Financing your business is a real challenge and many are just not up to the challenge. There are many ways to get on it though. You only need to find the best one that would suit you so you can get your new business rolling.

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