Finally! Here’s A One-Of-A-Kind Pageant Catering For Women Entrepreneurs


Are you ready to kickstart your career this 2020??

The Ms. Entrepreneur Pageant is the quest to discover Australia’s most outstanding “shepreneur” who’s looking to make a difference and make her mark in the business world. Ms. Entrepreneur is more than a pageant; it’s an opportunity to build your dream.

It’s a competition designed and targeted towards up and coming as well as established women entrepreneurs who have a sustainable business idea. Through the competition you will gain business and marketing skills, get feedback on your ideas from other successful entrepreneurs, network with key people including other entrepreneurs like yourself, and last but not least, have a chance at winning $1,000 cash plus amazing prizes.

Ms. Entrepreneur Pageant also aims to bridge the gap between entrepreneurship and pageantry. Its aim is to set a new standard in entrepreneurship and pageantry – this is a life-changing opportunity for women with a unique look, lively personality and passion for entrepreneurship. Ms. Entrepreneur Pageant also aims to empower, engage and inspire women of all cultures and backgrounds. Its goal is to build their self- confidence to the point that they become successful entrepreneurs. These women are game changers, go-getters and highly driven individuals who don’t just talk about making it big and making a difference but are motivated enough to initiate action.
Ms. Entrepreneur is the first organization that bridges entrepreneurship with pageantry. While most pageants mainly focus on beauty, gowns, swimwear, sportswear, and talent – Ms. Entrepreneur purely focuses on entrepreneurship so there’s even no need for any costume changes at all. The Ms. Entrepreneur judges will be made up of high profile entrepreneurs as well as seasoned investors and venture capitalists, who have the ability to invest as the miss entrepreneur contestants make business presentations on their company or product.

There will be four segments in total: The first segment is called the “shark tank” segment where the contestants will have a minute to pitch their current business – if their pitch is good enough they might even score some funding from the investors and venture capitalists in the judging panel. The second segment is called the “sell me this pen segment” where the contestants will have a minute to come up with a pitch for a random object that will be allocated to them. The third segment is called the “behavioral segment” where the contestants will have a minute to come up with a solution for a tough situation that will be provided to them and the last segment is the “Question and Answer segment” where the contestants will have a minute to answer questions about entrepreneurship.

For those interested in joining this one-of-a-kind pageant please email

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