Entrepreneur Spotlight: Get To Know Ghana’s “Radio Queen” Mabelle Prior


Mabelle Prior is a former broadcast journalist and producer of the women and children’s program back in the ’90s at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation. She’s currently married and a mother of two and she is the president and founder of “Association Swiss Most Beautiful” which has around thirty executive members. ASMB organizes an annual Miss Swiss Most Beautiful pageant which was established in 2014. The event aims to promote diversity in women’s Beauty. She is also the founder of BIEL International Fashion – a platform that promotes multicultural inter-nationality within and around Biel and all over Switzerland while working towards establishing favorable relations and cultural ties between Biel, it’s surrounding residents, Swiss Nationals and foreign Nationals via the showcase of fashion, culture, and traditions.

Mabelle was popularly known as ‘The Queen Of The Airwaves’ when she used to work as a reporter for Ghana Broadcasting – a title that was given to her by the then Director and Deputy Director of Ghana Broadcasting Corporation due to her hard work and dedication to every radio program she was in charge of. She continued this activity in Swiss for a while before getting engaged in syndical activities and becoming the first young black lady in the Federatif committee of migration.

Mabelle is presently the editorial director of Swissglamour Magazine. She gives equal opportunity to every youth who is passionate about journalism to go to the field, make interviews, polish and develop their talent in the profession, write and publish news and gossips in a revolutionary and alternative youth style.

StarCentral Magazine recently caught up with Mabelle to discuss her latest projects and book and here’s what went down:

Can you tell us more about yourself? How did you make the leap from being an award-winning journalist to the president and founder of Swiss Most Beautiful?

Once an award-winning journalist, always an award-winning journalist. But creating my organization Swiss Most Beautiful is the realization of my desire to see a world where every girl sees herself beautiful and valued no matter her shape, height, or origin.

What takes up most of your time at the moment?

Writing is one of my passions. I have written so many books. But I decided to publish Beyond Race first because it exposes so much about Africans and every other human being in general.

My family as well. I love spending time with my family. Especially my daughter Lina Prior, she is still young and needs all my attention. She is such an amazing child. My son Delase Ephraïm is now an adult but I’m always supporting and encouraging him in everything he does. And of course, my husband. We love spending time together with our kids. I love spending time with my sisters, Serwah, Shine, and their children. I love spending time with my mum Irene Asase founder of Doctor Asase Memorial Children’s Home. I’m a family person.

Can you tell us about your book Beyond Race?

Beyond Race is a social/cultural critic (aka agent provocateur), I had to put my strong opinions in a handbook that documents some of my thoughts about the idiosyncrasies of Africans. The lives and lies we live. The vagaries of our unique poverty that stretches into billions of dollars. Our worn habits dying for an updated version. I mirror our fears. I dissect our hypocrisies. I poke at our beliefs that care for us so much they rid us of every possibility to be exceptional. A book best describes my own method of saving my thoughts. I want my readers to smell the pages as they read.

Beyond Race is a handbook. I am not stuffing it under “literature.” I don’t want that stiff title. I want it accessible to everyone. It’s very easy to read. Many stories. Many truths. Very confrontational. I am so excited to continue sharing this with my world. Be one of the privileged to book a copy. I’ll be autographing more copies upfront. Book now on any of my social media accounts and you will get an autographed copy in a fortnight when it is still smelling like mint notes.


How did you acquire the name ‘Ghana’s Radio Queen?’

That Radio Queen title was given to me by the then Deputy Director of Ghana Broadcasting Corporation Mr. Charley Sam, because of the exceptional renovations I brought into the profession, my dedication to my work, and the emblem of hope that I represented for the youth of Ghana in the ’90s.

We note that you speak six languages – what are they?

Oh, I see you really did a thorough research about me… well, I speak French, German, English, and perfect Ewe because I come from Ho, Ghana.

Can you tell us more about your involvement in BIEL International Fashion? What’s it about?

Biel fashion International is a concept created by me. It’s a project of ASMB, to promote intercultural fashion, and to bring the youth together for a common goal. But I left Biel, Canton Bern, I now live in Canton Vaud Switzerland, we’re continuing the project here.

You’re currently the editorial director of Swissglamour Magazine – can you tell us what this magazine is all about?

Swissglamour Mag is also a project of ASMB(association Swiss Most Beautiful). Swissglamour Mag aims to give every youth interested in journalism the chance to learn the profession. By engaging them in article writing, reportage, etc..

What has been the most memorable experience of your career so far?

I have so many memorable experiences, if I start talking about them, this interview won’t end today.

Who have been the most interesting people you’ve met so far?

I have met leaders of the world, and many other interesting people too.

How active are you on social media?

I’m active on Facebook because to me it’s one of the best social media platforms and Instagram.

Here’s my website: Swiss Most Beautiful

My Instagram page: Mabelle Prior

My Facebook page: Mabelle Prior


What is your personal mission in life?

My mission in life is to live a good, healthy, successful, and honest life, to be the best mum for my children, and be the best person my loved ones can count on.


1. The last good movie I’ve seen: I’m not sure about a movie, but I love the Scandal series. I love the characters in the series! From Olivia Pope to the wife of the president. I love it.

2. What do you consider beautiful and why? For me, beauty is personality, character, knowledge, and emotional intelligence.

3. Complete this sentence: “If I had no fear, I’d…” do many things which I dare not typically do in life. However, if I have no feeling of fear of everything – my life it may not result in happiness. Because it is often the process of overcoming the fear that leads to ultimate happiness and achievements in life.

4. What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself? I have so many. All important to who I am. I have a flaw that has protected me my whole life. I wouldn’t change it completely, but I’m working on adjusting it a bit. I throw up walls sometimes with people. Big, tall, cobblestone, medieval, castle walls. I create really solid boundaries because I’m scared or uncomfortable.

It has nothing to do with the other person usually. It’s all my crap. The benefit of this flaw is I’ve managed to protect myself from some people who could hurt me. The disadvantage though, is that I keep some people out. It takes me a long time to trust someone. I’m very selective. I’m working on creating a more permeable boundary like a membrane. People can flow in and out when I have more information about them. I don’t just shut people down. Learning to trust takes time. But at least I’m aware of my flaws. I’m working on it. I can adjust it.

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