One On One With Hilary Sturges: A Bonafide Psychic Who Specializes In Career Readings

Proving that there is no limit to what the modern-day Wonder Woman is capable of, Hilary Sturges is an ordained spiritual counselor with a master’s degree in Business Administration. Her combination of psychic ability and business experience makes her uniquely qualified to help others with their careers. She has over 15 years of experience in both business and the metaphysical realm and is the ultimate example of fighting against all excuses to lead to a better version of yourself.

Hilary had always known she was destined to be a psychic, even from a young age. She just somehow “knew” things and sensed things that others didn’t see or probably didn’t want to see. Growing up, she actually fought against her gift for a very long time even going as far as considering herself as an atheist to avoid facing reality. She even ended up using alcohol to cope with all the things she was seeing and sensing. That said, the story of Hilary is not in her challenges, it is in her triumphs. A few years later, she just somehow “woke up” to face the music. It was indeed a massive spiritual awakening. She had always done readings for herself and some of her close friends but she never imagined taking her gift seriously to the point of transforming it into a business.

Eventually, Hilary felt an overwhelming urge to start reading for strangers and that’s when things got real. She finally accepted her spirituality and she learned as much as she possibly could about her gift, beginning with working with a mentor. Hilary’s Spirit Guide, Stephanie, is actually able to connect her to other spirits – even deities and aliens. This may all sound crazy to the average person, but nothing in Hilary’s life has made more sense than this. She uses her connection with spirits to guide her in her readings using tarot cards and somehow, this system has made some pretty “scary accurate” (to quote a client) readings.

StarCentral Magazine recently caught up with Hilary to discuss her journey in the psychic industry and here’s what went down:

Can you describe your average working day?

I wake up around 5 am every day because I have 2 puppies and they keep me on my toes! But it works out nicely because I can get a lot done in the morning. I finish any readings I have to do; I research, I check the statistics on my website and ads. I spend most of the day engaging on social media, I do readings as they come up. I offer follow-up phone calls with some packages, so I do those as well. The nice thing about working for myself is that how my day progresses is not set in stone.

Can you tell us more about career readings? How exactly can you help others with their careers?

I have a master’s degree in business administration, so I feel like my background combined with my psychic ability makes me the perfect person to guide others in their careers. I study their astrological profile to find their strengths and weaknesses at work, as well as asking their Spirit Guide if there’s anything I should know. I pull Tarot cards to further illuminate them. Then I pull cards for obstacles and helping hands and I look at several years into the future. I sprinkle my own advice based on my business experience throughout the reading to form a comprehensive report.

What’s the best part of your job?

All of it! I absolutely love doing readings, it energizes me thoroughly. The best feeling in the world is when someone tells me a reading “blew their mind.” But I also love the back-end things like graphic design, coding, and reviewing data. I honestly cannot complain.

And the worst?

The only downside I can think of is that it’s not as secure as a full-time job. Currently, I have a 100% perfect review score on Facebook, but I do worry that if anything negative comes up people may think I’m a fraud. No matter how confident I am in my abilities, and I definitely am, there’s always the worry that people will think I am faking it.

What assumptions do people wrongly make about your job?

That I just sit around playing with crystals and reading palms all day (laughs). It’s actually a ton of work making sure my website is running smoothly, communicating with customers, reviewing everything. I seriously wish that I spent all day playing with crystals!

What was an early experience where you learned that you wanted to be a psychic?

I’ve always had the ability to communicate with spirits or at least be aware of their presence. My mom always talks about how she found me at 1-year-old talking to my great-grandmother who had just passed. Kids are really sensitive to it, but most grow out of it. I just never did, even though I certainly tried to!

What are you currently doing to maintain/grow your profile?

Interviews like this help! I’m in the process of starting a wiki with a podcast. It’s called Intuwiki and I envision it as a great reference for all things metaphysical. So, hopefully, that will get up and running soon. For the podcast, I plan to interview other psychics because everyone has a different style and I find it really fascinating.

What is the toughest decision you had to make in the last few months?

What kind of readings to focus on. I used to keep it open-ended, people came to me with everything under the sun. But after finishing my MBA, I realized that helping people with their careers was my real calling.

If you could go back in a time machine to the time when you were just getting started, what would you do differently?

I would tell myself to “slow down! You don’t have to be an overnight success.” I invested so much time and money trying to get off the ground quickly in the beginning, but the truth is that it takes time to build a reputation and I wish I had known how important that was.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

My Spiritual Mentor, Chuck Murphy (Zero to Psychic) encouraged me to become an ordained minister. It helps to protect me because I live in Texas and it’s illegal to offer advice here if you’re not a therapist or ordained. He gave me tons of advice, I could never remember it all, he’s an amazing source of information.

What advice would you give to a newbie psychic setting up their first business?

Do enough free readings to get a few reviews and then STOP. You have to start charging and that was so difficult for me. But if you don’t value yourself, no one else will. And make sure you ground and protect yourself before every reading, that way it doesn’t sap your energy and you can actually enjoy the process.

If you want to know more about Hilary or if you’re interested in finding out how her psychic ability can help you in your career, Hilary’s readings can be found via her official website:

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