One On One With Zurriane Bennett, The Creator Of Positive Self Defense

Zurriane Bennett is the creator of the acclaimed PSD program, or Positive Self Defense — a revolutionary and yet simple approach to the basic human need of self-defense and overall personal development. He is a dynamic, interactive, informative, driven speaker.

Self-defense isn’t a martial art, sport, or style; it’s a tactical response to violence. One that is designed to be simple, easy to learn, and shouldn’t take years to learn how to use.

This system has been shaped by insights gained in the military, law enforcement, and civilian business world. Mr. Bennett brings over thirty years of valuable experience in several areas; he has multiple martial arts black belts and holistic medical training to his holistic approach to personal development, growth, and self-defense programs.

As a U.S. Marine and then a law enforcement officer, he has come face to face with real criminals and serious threats many times. Through these often-dangerous experiences, he honed his knowledge and application of realistic methods for protection and survival.

In various real-world situations, Mr. Bennett has successfully helped others reach various levels of success and shown them how to protect themselves mentally. This extends to helping others against attackers who were often physically bigger and stronger than them. His ways of communicating with people are the real reason for his repeated success.

He has also had many years in the business world as a program manager, project manager, project supervisor, quality assurance professional, fire safety officer, occupational safety officer, subject matter expert, bouncer, instructor, creator, skip tracer, and entrepreneur. He has managed several multi-million-dollar contracts and led people.

His life’s work began as a journey of personal empowerment to overcome his obstacles. He began martial arts training as a child, and his skills would save him numerous times.

Born into poverty against the backdrop of racial tensions, Mr. Bennett has frequently witnessed crime, death, and everyday negativity during his upbringing and life. At one point, his son was kidnapped at the age of 3; this was during the time when he was a single parent working two full-time jobs and going to school. He not only found and recovered his child, he raised him into manhood.

What could have been a story of surrender or destruction instead became life lessons and guided him to his vision of positive self-defense. His practical approach to overcoming the ugliness, negativity, and dangers we can encounter in life.

Now happily married and retired from active-duty military service, Mr. Bennett continues his passion for helping, serving, protecting others through his teaching and training.

All of his life experiences have led to PSD and his mission of helping others stay positive and protect themselves. As a mentor, self-defense expert, and martial arts instructor with black belts in karate and jiu-jitsu, he has successfully trained people of all ages.

He has helped thousands of civilians, military, and law enforcement personnel with focus, motivation, communications, leadership, confidence, government contract, goal setting, belief, and tactics. He has worked with business executives on multiple areas like staffing concerns, safety, teamwork, motivation, networking, growth, etc. Plus, martial artists in refining techniques, children on resisting aggression, men on empowerment, and women in rape defense, among other areas.

His work and experiences have led to him writing six books, interviews, speaking events. He has been heard on the radio, seen on television, and podcasts, in magazines, in books, and best of all, he has countless success stories.

​StarCentral Magazine recently caught up with Zurriane to discuss his journey as an entrepreneur, and here’s what went down:

When did your entrepreneurial flair first reveal itself?

I started my entrepreneurial flair has revealed itself in several ways. When I was very young, I began as a shoeshine boy, then I played pool against adults for money, then in high school, I used to do photography for money, commercial art. I would sell and create crafts that I would sell during the holidays, before events, special days, etc. I used to make a couple of hundred dollars a day in high school alone just from taking and selling pictures.

How did your life look like before being an entrepreneur?

I was just more of a quiet yet hungry student. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. When I was a child, I was always looking for ways to make money and be helpful.

As an entrepreneur, what is it that motivates and drives you?

My strong want and need to grow personally and help others.

In one word, describe your life as an entrepreneur and explain why.

Hungry – Every day and in every way, I am looking to learn, share and sharpen my skills. Just in the last four years, I have completed over 300 courses. I have used this knowledge to help myself and all those I have come in contact with within my life and business.

What were your top three motivations for starting your business?

– Personal growth
– Taking care of my family and those I care for in my life. (Helping others)
– Money

What would you say are the key elements for starting and running a successful business?

– Knowledge and resources
– Taking action
– The will and drive to get it done and to do it to the best of your ability

What are the three biggest challenges you have faced growing the business and how did you overcome them?

Having the correct knowledge. We live in a world of unlimited information; however, a lot of that information is bad information, so you have to filter through it. I overcome it by reading as much as I can and finding mentors who have found success. Then I look at my strengths and weaknesses and adjust as needed.

Money finding the money to fund projects can be very hard. Sometimes I have found that I have found people who believe in me enough to invest in my ideas by sharing my ideas with others. I have also found that some of the people who I have assisted in various ways have sometimes, years later returned and contacted me with opportunities. Helping others when you have nothing to gain can sometimes be beneficial and open doors. (Having a go givers mindset.)

Staying positive can be challenging. I do everything that I can think of to stay active and positive. I stay away from the news, negative people and adjust as needed as many times as needed. I work to see what others see as problems as opportunities to grow and develop. Sometimes that mindset has not only helped to correct the matter. It has opened the door to bigger and better things and events.

What form of marketing has worked well for your business throughout the years?

Word of mouth and referrals have worked the best for me.

As you grew the business, what have been some of the most important leadership lessons you have learned?

Keeping my mouth closed and being willing and open to listen to others.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Mind your own business.

What advice would you give to a newbie Entrepreneur setting up their first business?

Take action in all things and be willing and ready to make adjustments. Remember that today is now!

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