Five Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Fall


Months of September up to November marks the season of fall, and there is so much to love about this season. First of all, the falling leaves fill the surrounding with the different hues of welcoming orange. A lot of people also associate fall with fuzzy and warm feelings of romance. According to a study conducted in 2012, the cooler temperature makes some people likely to select romantic films that offer ‘psychological warmth.’ The lower temperature that masks the environment also encourages people to step out and connect with others. With the right season to go out and enjoy the company of others, your experience can be even more perfect with the perfect hairstyle. Here’s a list of five hairstyles that fit the dream-like vibe of winter.

1. Modern Shag

If you are caught in between your previous short cut and growing it out, a modern shag is the best hairstyle for you. A modern shag can quickly add variety to your hair caught in between short and long. This type of hairstyle is an effortless look with its choppy ends, dense layers, and lots of texture. Like a lob and a bob, a modern shag can also be rocked with eye-grazing bangs. If you are wearing blonde hair, make sure to use toners that will help keep your bright. In finding the right toner, you can check out the answer on

2. Bob Cut

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, bob cuts will never go out of style. The reason why bob cuts are popular is that not only it is the go-to haircut to keep yourself fresh looking, it also works for everyone. The cut itself has different variations, making it versatile enough to fit any face shape. You can try out a 90’s bob that has subtle waves like Lucy Hale. If you are going for a trendy and hip look, you can opt for a short and shaped bob. On the other hand, for a sleek and cool look, you can have a bob with bold bangs. If you want to elevate your bob further, you can consider pulling off a new hair color to welcome the season. If you will be coloring your own hair, one thing you have to consider is having the best hair developer out there that works for you. If you are not familiar with what a hair developer is, you can check out our post about it at

3. Curly and Wavy Lob

A long curly bob or curly lob is a look that will work with any face shape regardless of texture. With the right leave-in conditioner and techniques such as sectioning your hair, a curly lob can be just as flexible as any other hairstyle. Some curly lob will not require as much maintenance but instead, just the right cut. This is especially true for those who naturally don curly hair. For those whose hair is on the straighter end, using a texturizing spray will help your waves last longer. Just like a regular bob, a lob also works fine with fringe and in particular long and messy ones.

4. Bangs

If back in the 2000s bangs are usually straightened, and the rest of the hair is left curly, today, the idea of having curly bangs isn’t so crazy at all. Curly bangs are a low-maintenance look fit for busy women that don’t want hairstyles that needs a lot of styling. It also effectively brings out the eyes, making it pop. For curls to remain looking their best, they have to be bouncy and hydrated. Both of which can be achieved with the right moisture. For people who have straight hair, they can also go for a heavy fringe. Bangs are the way to go if you want to change up your look without doing anything too drastic.

5. Bun

One sure way to keep your hair out of your face is to put it in a bun. However, donning your hair in a bun doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. You can go for the regular scrunchie bun that is making a comeback this fall. This type of bun work for low buns that helps create a soft look when combined with tiny tendrils. Along with scrunchie buns, claw-clip buns are also on the rise. This type of bun exudes an effortless look that allows you to put together your grown -out layers in the chicest way possible.

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