Bargain Hunters Guide To Shopping: How To Get A Steal Of A Deal


Living life as a girl is pretty tough! As our beloved Becky from the famous fashion movie, Confession of a Shopaholic would put it, it’s like buying a cashmere scarf. You would think you are investing in cashmere only to realize later that your money has been spent into a blend of wool and cotton. The point being, you really don’t have to churn out a lot of money in order to stay on top of your fashion game.

If you shop smart, you can really hunt down some amazing fashion bargains and put together killer outfits for yourself. And, here are four easy ways to do that. Let’s begin:

Tip # 1: Build a Capsule Wardrobe

You really don’t need to update your fashion arsenal with each item you see as a ‘must-have’ on an Instagrammer’s fashion feed. Work on developing an individual style of your own – cuts that flatter you, fabric that keeps you comfy and tones that go well with your complexion. Use key clothing items to build a solid capsule wardrobe and then you can use the good old mix and match method to come up with a ton of outfits for each occasion.

Tip # 2: Look for Sample Sales

Keep an eye on the flyers for designer sample sales. You can find some of the most gorgeous, edgy and trendy accent pieces for a fraction of price there. Shop smart, take a best friend along and together you both can treat yourself with luxury fashion items without breaking the bank.

Tip # 3: Add Timeless Classics to the Mix

Polka dots for summers, stripes for spring and plaids for fall – some of these trends are truly timeless classics and would always be relevant to the fashion scene. Therefore, when you do decide to indulge a little, make sure it is one of these fashion pieces which you can style in multiple ways for seasons to come.

Tip # 4: Solids are Always Boujee

When in doubt, go for a monochromatic head to toe look! The secret to looking drop-dead gorgeous, just like a Hollywood diva out of her million-dollar villa is to spend on fabric that gives off a luxe vibe, such as satin or silk. Don’t go for prints. Plain monochromatic look with a mirage of various textures, frills, ruffles, and laces would radiate a very polished and expensive look.

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