3 Flawless Tips For Maintaining Healthy, Beautiful Hair


Your hair is the biggest asset you own. Whether you like flaunting your long voluminous bouncy locks or you are all for the razor cut edgy elongated bob – we all need tips to take care of our hair. The beauty of hair lies in their overall texture and look not the length, and here are a couple of ways to ensure your hair remains healthy, thick and manageable.


For people who have very fine thin hair, conditioning is usually bad news. While slathering an expensive conditioner on the roots and ends of your hair would ensure you get a boost of hydration and there are no flyovers when you style, it would also weigh down your hair. Limp, lifeless hair strands are the last thing any woman wants. To resolve this issue, try the reverse shampoo technique endorsed by top hairstylists and beauty experts. The method is simpler. Generously apply conditioner to the ends of your hair, avoiding the roots BEFORE you shampoo them. Wait for a couple of minutes. Rinse off. Then shampoo your hair as you usually do. This would ensure you get shiny soft and manageable hair WITH the volume you have always desired.


Fine, wavy, curly, straight, long, short – whatever type of hair you have, you need coconut oil in your life. Did you know coconut oil is the only hair oil that actually has the ability to penetrate deeper into your hair strands and repair the damage being caused by heat treatments, chemicals or the environment? Cold-pressed organic coconut oil can even be applied to color and chemically treated hair. All you need to do is, apply it generously all over your hair including the roots and scalp. Throw on a shower cap to ensure you reap the maximum benefits. Leave on in your hair for around thirty minutes and then wash off as you usually do.
In addition to the coconut oil treatments, use the coconut-based hair mists and leave-in conditioners when you are in between your shampooing days. This would leave your hair shiny, silky and super manageable.


Just like our skin, our hair are also constantly exposed to the environmental damages. Sunlight, winds and other factors involved cause our hair to go dry and brittle. Adding a hair mask in your weekly hair care routine would ensure you don’t face that issue. Pick one which is specifically formulated for your kind of hair.

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