10-Year-Old Designs Plastic ‘Hug Curtain’ So She Can Hug Her Grandparents During Lockdown


Screenshot from Paige’s Facebook

Everyone should be aware by now that you need to be practicing social distancing from your grandparents especially since older people are more vulnerable to get sick because of this pandemic.

Well, Paige, a 10-year-old girl from California couldn’t wait for the quarantine rules to end so she could hug her grandparents – that’s when she decided to take matters into her hands. She discovered an awesome way to hug her grandparents while protecting them from the highly-contagious virus floating around. She just created a plastic curtain made up of ziplock bags, a shower curtain, and glue. It even has arm slots made from paper plates.

Check out the photos below courtesy of Paige’s Facebook:

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